Children, contrary to appearances, are the most demanding customers. Finding footwear that will be comfortable, practical and, in addition, will meet the requirements of our children, can be a real challenge. Zarro boots are appreciated by both children and their parents, because they are able to meet even the most critical tastes, and their functionality satisfies every parent.

Our range

In our store you will find boots that are perfect for both a boy and a girl. All of them are made of natural leather, making them resistant to more demanding - autumn and winter weather conditions - and they will perfectly cope with intense outdoor activities.

Zarro shoes are available in sizes from 25 to 37. They are all made in neutral colors, which will protect them from visible dirt and make them last longer.

Why is it worth choosing Zarro boots?

In Zarro boots children will not be terrified even the least favorable weather conditions. Natural skin provides excellent thermal insulation for the child's foot, thanks to which our child can put on boots in autumn as well as in winter, without fear of frost, cold or even rain.

Zarro brand boots also have additional thermal insulation inside the shoe. The filling is fur, which will take care of maintaining the temperature of the foot. The shoes are also equipped with a profiled insole, thanks to which the boots will fit perfectly to the child's foot, which will make the little adventurer happy to put on foot his favorite shoes and feel great in them.

The profiled insole is made of a material that absorbs additional moisture. Materials used for the production of Zarro boots protect against losing the foot, while not causing it to cool down. Zarro boots do not make it difficult to put on and take off.

If you are a demanding parent and your kids like to wear stylish and elegant, invest in Zarro footwear.