American Club children's shoes

American Club children's shoes they fully meet the latest trends. In the brand's offer every little lover of fashionable footwear will find something for everyone, regardless of how active and what style they have. It is worth to shape the taste from the very beginning and let the child choose the perfect shoes - provided that they are functional.

The brand's shoes are characterized by a special care for the comfort of the children wearing them and details of the workmanship. Junior footages are growing very fast and therefore require special attention. When you decide on American Club footwear, you provide your child with comfort, stability and support for a proper rate increase. design American Club children's shoes especially for children who like to have fun. The brand's offer includes mainly sports shoes, every day and in a smart casual style - with a slightly more formal character.

A wide selection of summer shoes - American Club children's sandals

The American Club brand offer includes a wide selection children's sandals - both leather and safe plastics. To provide the youngest with comfort on hot days, American Club children's sandals are equipped with a leather insert that allows the foot to "breathe" and guarantees its dryness. Most of the models are also equipped with velcro that allow the child to fasten shoes.
Sandals They will especially like children who pay attention to details and like shoes with decorations. Among the models of this brand there will also be proposals for young minimalists: simple flip-flops, gladiatorki and ballerinas without patches and inscriptions.

Children's sneakers - the best option for active

Active little ones need shoes that will ensure safety and reliably hold the leg in the ankle, preventing it from twisting while playing. Sneakers combine modern design with the requirements of small feet and functionality. American Club children's sneakers they are more built-up than sandals. Thanks to sewn elastics and velcro, it is easy to put on and take off.
In some models the noses are cut out. Thanks to this and contoured, leather insole, the foot does not sweat, and air circulation is easier.

Shoes for kids who like to move a lot and need footwear that adjusts to their feet, which they can barely feel on their feet - that's what American Club. Shoes for children our brands are designed for fast growing, demanding feet. If you are looking for a safe footwear for your child, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our proposals.