Check out how to wear espadrilles. Which styles are espadrilles suitable for?

Espadrilles are perfect shoes for summer styling, especially when you want to feel at ease and the way out does not require an official style. Which styles are espadrilles suitable for? Check how to wear them and what types of espadrilles can be found on store shelves.

Espadrilles are extremely popular in the spring and summer season, both among women and men. They are light and comfortable to use, and the fabric they are made of allows air to pass through easily, thanks to which the foot can breathe freely in them.

What do espadrilles look like? A Brief History of Rope Sole Shoes

At the beginning, a little curiosity. Did you know that espadrilles began to be made in France and Spain as cheap footwear for peasants? However, it soon turned out that simplicity has great potential, and it was only a matter of time before it was popularized among the urban community. The biggest breakthrough came in the mid-twentieth century, when great designers became interested in a simple model with a sole made of string. Since then, espadrilles have been a permanent feature both in subsequent collections of popular fashion houses and in the wardrobes of an increasing number of users.

The classic form of espadrilles are light, fabric shoes on a flat sole made of a string, finished in a characteristic way, i.e. tightly braided like a braid. In turn, the upper is made of two pieces of fabric, sewn together with a thick thread. With the growing popularity of espadrilles, wedge-heeled models began to be produced, which have become an excellent alternative to high heels, sandals and ballerinas. Currently, the production of espadrilles is carried out on a large scale, and the traditional jute soles have been replaced by rubber versions with a string attached to the sides. The upper itself has also changed, because in addition to the canvas models, you can buy espadrilles with an uppers made of leather or other types of raw material. All changes, modern solutions and variations on the traditional model are obviously understandable, but our type and favorite type of espadrilles are the original version, raw and masterful in its simplicity.

Currently, the stores offer a very large selection of espadrilles with a variety of styles, patterns and colors, so every person who plans to buy espadrilles will easily find a model that perfectly matches the rest of their wardrobe and individual style. Check out how to wear espadrilles to look stylish.

How to wear espadrilles on a flat sole

This type of shoes looks great in typical casual styles, perfect for summer outings to the city. Combined with shorts and a top, jeans or linen trousers, they will create a loose and comfortable combination.

Or maybe you will opt for a nautical style? When we hear the word espadrilles, the nautical style is definitely one of the first that comes to mind. A combination of straps, strings, delicate jewelery with a nautical motif, T-shirts with an anchor-shaped print - all in delicate colors of navy blue, white and blue is a set in which espadrilles should be a must!

How to wear espadrilles on wedges

Wedge espadrilles are a model that goes well with summer maxi dresses made of light and airy material. Combined with espadrilles, they will create a comfortable look that will not limit everyday activities, and at the same time will be stylish and tasteful styling, with a hint of feminine sensuality. Outfit perfect for summer meetings with friends or a romantic date with a loved one.

Regardless of whether you combine the espadrilles on the wedge with a maxi or midi dress, they will look just as stylish. It is worth emphasizing that the midi-length dress and espadrilles are a casual and comfortable set, and at the same time extremely tasteful, especially if your goal is to optically lengthen and slim the legs. This list is an absolute 'must have' for summer outdoor events or casual evening meetings in the city.

How to wear tied espadrilles

Tied espadrilles are another model that you can find in stores. Shoes tied most often around the ankles are a great replacement for Roman boots, popular among women. Worn together with a skirt or dress, they create an extremely sophisticated and romantic look in which you will certainly feel extremely feminine and gentle.

What is better not to combine espadrilles with?

Espadrilles are light and delicate shoes, so avoid wearing them with tights or socks. This type of shoe is reserved for summer, casual styling and bare feet. In the case of espadrilles, only a thin 'toe' sock will be allowed, covering only the lower part of the foot, so that it does not protrude and is invisible above the edge of the shoe.

Espadrilles will also not work for elegant evening outfits. If you are planning an official outing or an important business meeting, we advise you to put on classic high heels or delicate pumps on the post.