Buckles and chains on shoes. Meet our favorites in which you will make the WOW effect!

Impressive buckles and shiny chains on shoes are an undeniable hit of this season. These accents decorate boots, boots and even moccasins, creating a phenomenal effect. Are you wondering which models are the most fashionable and in which you will make the best impression? In this guide you will find shoes with buckles and chains that have stolen our hearts!

Breathe life into your old shoes!

Do you want to change the look of your old shoes that have served you for years? If the upper has slight signs of wear and the sole is still walkable, we have a great idea!

You will need a spectacular buckle or chain. If you want, you can use their metallic color or paint them with a spray paint, e.g. black. Then glue them to the shoes with hot glue and you're done. You can hit the road, collecting the admiring glances of passers-by.  

Which buckle shoes to choose? An overview of our favorite models

If you don't have a knack for DIY projects, bet on ready-made ones. Buckles and chains perfectly decorate shoes for all seasons, and footwear designers and manufacturers outdo each other in more and more innovative ideas.

With you in mind, we have prepared an overview of our favorite models available in our online store. Order the model that caught your eye the most and enjoy the amazing look all year round!

Summer suggestions

In summer, bet on slippers on a comfortable platform with classic buckles in a minimalist edition. The black color will perfectly complement any stylization, and the high-quality ecological leather will make you look amazing, no matter what you wear.

Autumn favorites

The beginning of autumn choose gray, lacquered shoes with an original buckle. Wear them to the office or every day, enjoying great comfort and a perfect look every time.

Perfect for a beige trench coat for fall beige boots with a buckle and spectacular cutouts. The delicate structure of the snake on the upper will add an accent to any styling. Combine them with both trousers and airy maxi skirts.

Winter hits

Choose for winter women's bags with buckles. Their military style will be a divine counterbalance to feminine styles. You can also wear them with fashionable ripped jeans and oversize shirts that got lost after washing and instead of going to your partner's wardrobe, they ended up in your wardrobe :-)

If you are interested in shoes with buckles in a more feminine version, be sure to pay attention to black heeled boots. Wear them to the office, on a date and every day. They are so comfortable that you will have a hard time parting with them! 

Looking for chain boots? We have two suggestions that you will love! Beige boots on the post they are perfect for skirts and dresses, optically lengthening the legs. Their great advantage is the ability to unfasten the chain. If you prefer more subtle solutions, choose high boots made of natural leather with a small chain on the side of the upper.

Spring ideas

Are you looking for delicate shoes for spring that will reflect your unique style and at the same time will not be overwhelming? Decide on light gray model with silver buckles. This subtle color will perfectly complement spring combinations! 

Spring is the time when you eagerly reach for loafers? We are not surprised at all! We love these shoes for their uniqueness and versatility. If you want to put a fashionable accent in the form of a chain into them, we have a proposal that you will love. Classic loafers with decorative chain they will prove themselves in the office as well as on a daily basis.

If you are interested in shoes that will be as comfortable as possible and stylish at the same time, pay attention to pink sneakers with a chain. We have to admit that a delicate shade of pink combined with the glitter of gold does the job!

What to wear shoes with buckles and chains with?

Since you already have shoes with buckles or chains in your collection, you are surely wondering what to wear them with so as not to commit a fashion faux-pas. we suggest!

Buckles and chains are such unobtrusive details that you can successfully style them in various ways. If you like a delicate, yet extremely fashionable effect, go for monochrome combinations in which a gold or silver chain will play the first violin. Color-match your jewelry to it and you're done!

Heavy shoes with buckles, although they seem to represent a typically masculine street style, phenomenally harmonize with girlish, airy skirts. Choose a model that you liked to wear in the summer, e.g. a red, pleated skirt with delicate flowers. Put on top oversize'a new sweater in a shade that matches the shoes and tuck the front into the skirt to create a cinched waist. If you want to enhance this effect, add a belt with a buckle in a similar style.

You can wear these shoes with your pants. Whether or not you opt for loose-fitting jeans boyfriendwhether fitted waxed tubes are up to you. On top - depending on the occasion and your preferences - you can put on a shirt, sweater or jacket. See how simple it is?