Boots - an annual autumn hit

Every year, boots are the shoes most often chosen by women in every city. They are extremely versatile and fit every stylization and every situation. Knee-boots are an obligatory item in the wardrobe of every woman, so we hurry up with the exchange of a few interesting facts about stylizations related to these shoes. Women who choose boots can be a lot of fun this season. Why? Not only because recently boots are fashionable with a high top, but also because it is worth choosing different autumn colors of this type of footwear.

Boots - high or short?

But what boots is really worth choosing? Everything depends on the stylization. For skirts or dresses it is worth to put on boots with a high top, to emphasize the outfit and your legs. High boots are the most fashionable this season and may also be an emphasis that autumn is not so scary. The short upper, on the other hand, fits the tube-type jeans that adhere to the body. Boots can in this combination emphasize fur or coat, and even a sports jacket - so that the woman will look elegant and at the same time casual. Such combinations in stylizations are worth their weight in gold lately. It is worth investing in them.

Colors of fashionable boots in the fall / winter season 2018

Do not choose only black shoes that always fit all our clothes. Lets get crazy. This season it is good to splurge with boots in burgundy, brown and gray. They are desirable colors from the entire range of colors, while the black pair of boots is only an addition to the stylization, and it is very obvious. It's worth changing your appearance, especially during the autumn season. This will allow you to show fashion from a completely different side, and an interesting outfit will light up the entire cloudy autumn day. From materials it is worth choosing elegant suede for special outings on the city and on holidays or other celebrations. Leather will be more suited to casual stylizations, especially if we choose a coat or fashionable down jacket for them this season.