Big feet, big problem? Not if you know our tricks!

Do you have the impression that your feet are disproportionately large, and wearing nice shoes only draws the attention of others straight to your reason for complexes? Don't worry, we have a solution! There are several proven tricks that will make your feet look smaller. We have collected them in this article for you.

The secret weapon in the fight against disproportion

Appropriate footwear plays a key role in the fight against disproportions in the foot area. This secret weapon can make your feet look smaller than they really are, and you will finally breathe a sigh of relief and get rid of your complexes.

All you have to do is replace some habits with others and you're done. Find out which shoe models will work best to make the size of your feet seem smaller. We have compiled the most common mistakes with the recommended types of shoes to make your choice as easy as possible. Let's start!

Heel versus flat sole

Do you prefer shoes with a flat sole, because you have the impression that in fancy high heels your feet would be even more conspicuous? This is a common mistake!

While walking in high heels every day is not the best solution due to the load on bones and joints, if you care about undisturbed proportions and maximum self-confidence - you can successfully put them on. And best of all, they don't have to be sky-high heels, in which walking can be a real challenge. 

Even with a slight heel lift, your feet will look smaller. If you value comfort to the maximum, opt for wedge shoes or even more comfortable platforms. 

Such shoes are available in various models, thanks to which you can easily match them both for larger outings and every day. Check out our favorites and choose something for yourself: 

- black, lacquered heels with a snakeskin motif

- black ankle boots with round toes

- green slippers on a white platform

- black sneakers on the platform

- red wedges with bindings

Open versus closed shoes

Wondering if you have big feet, is it better to wear open or closed shoes? Exposing a large part of your skin can work against you, but you don't have to limit yourself to heavily covered footwear. 

How about type pins peep toe? Thanks to the delicate cut for the toes, you will optically shorten your feet, and at the same time add sex appeal to any styling. Shoes with an open heel will work in a similar way. Or maybe you will decide on ballerinas fastened around the ankle? However, be careful with this model when you have short legs. In this way, you could optically shorten them as well.  

Here are some suggestions that should appeal to you:

- black lace-up worker boots

- openwork boots with open heel and toes

- black pumps with open toes and a fastener around the ankle

- ballerinas with studs and an open heel

- beige platform sandals

Details and embellishments versus a smooth upper

Do you feel like hiding your disproportionately large feet, so you give up all decorations and details so that they do not catch the eyes of others? Nothing more wrong! Buckles, bows, studs, fringes and other details are a hit in your case.

By diverting attention from the length of your feet, you will quickly get rid of your complexes. If you do not like excessive ornamentation, any animal motifs will be perfect. Snake skin is the perfect choice for fans of minimalism. On the surface, the shoes look smooth, but the pattern on the upper works in your favor. 

For this reason, give up a completely smooth upper and replace it with even small details. Check what offers are waiting for you in our online store:

- black loafers with buckles

- green slippers with a buckle

- beige and brown loafers with tassels

- leopard print espadrilles

- black ballerinas with a snakeskin motif

Pointed toe versus round finish

Another common mistake is the wrong choice of toes in shoes. Although pointed toes have been very popular for some time, in the case of disproportionately large feet, they can look very unfavorable. These shoes optically lengthen the feet, which will have the opposite effect from the expected one.

Instead of fashionable spikes, choose equally elegant round toes. Shoes with a square finish will also work perfectly. If you care about the optical shortening of your feet, be sure to check out these models: 

- gray ballerinas with a bow and a patent toe

- black, classic sneakers

- lace-up women's shoes

- square toe black loafers

Color matters

There is one more thing to keep in mind if you have disproportionately long feet - the color of the shoes. Light, pastel shades and colors similar to your complexion can additionally lengthen them. Fortunately, you don't have to limit yourself to dark tones only. Here's a little color cheat sheet to help you make the best choice:

- classic black

- deep red

- earth tones

- muted greys

- bottle green

- dark purple and garnet

Say goodbye to complexes once and for all

We believe that thanks to our tips you will be able to say goodbye to complexes once and for all. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules and you will achieve your dream results. However, do not forget that there are no limits in fashion. If you feel like wearing beige shoes with pointed toes, we are sure that you will feel gorgeous in them!