Shoes by BEFADO SA is a Polish manufacturer of footwear for children and adults, which has been gaining recognition of customers in the country and abroad for over 30 years. The company is famous for its high quality, attention to detail and aesthetic designs, which are available in various sizes and colors.

The BEFADO production plant is located in Zielonka near Warsaw, where it employs over 400 people. The shoe production process is comprehensive and starts with a good selection of raw materials and ends with careful packaging of ready-to-sell goods. The company's offer includes both shoes for children and adults, which means that everyone will find the right model for themselves.

Breathable and skin-friendly materials are used in BEFADO SA shoes, which ensures comfort of use. These shoes are also easy to care for, so they will last for a long time. The company regularly introduces new collections of shoes, always adapting to trends and consumer expectations.

BEFADO SA is also a company that cares about its social responsibility. The manufacturer is involved in various charity and social campaigns, supports local athletes and organizes numerous competitions for children.

To sum up, BEFADO SA shoes are a guarantee of high quality, aesthetics and comfort of use. Thanks to their features, they have gained the trust of customers around the world, and the company is systematically developing its offer to meet the needs of its customers.