Befado children's shoes 110P320 blue

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Befado children's shoes 110P320 blue

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Shoes ideal for the first steps of a child. Fastened with buckles, having good cushioning feet, specially supporting small feet on each side and having a lot of free space on the still growing toes - all these features were created in these shoes so that the toddler would feel comfortable and quickly learned to walk. Many specialists say that these are the most important features when it comes to the first baby shoes. The shoes are in a lovely blue color, they are typically for boys.

Manufacturer: Befado
Related categories: Shoes for children
Slippers for children
Children's slippers Befado
Sex: Boys
Additional information: Healthy Foot Sign , Stiff heel
Type of fastening: buckles
Hero: lack
stuff: Fabric
Colour: blue
Mark: Boots Befado


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