Befado 346X009 ballerina slippers grey black

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Comfortable changeable or home footwear is the key to your child's comfort. It is worth paying attention to it when choosing a specific model. Befado ballerina slippers are very nice, black shoes made of slightly shiny material and decorated with a small bow. Due to their color and simple cut, they look great with any type of clothes, they also work well with other colors. Versatility is their big plus, they do not limit your choice. The shoes look very neatly on the foot and have a lot of charm. Their further advantages are practicality and convenience.

First of all, Befado footwear has a Healthy Foot certificate, which guarantees its safety for the developing baby's skeleton. What does it mean? Befado ballerina slippers are at the same time flexible, light and stable, as well as appropriate profiled. The breathable insole and stiff heel increase comfort while wearing, and the durable fabric is responsible for practicality. Ballerinas are also stabilized with an additional elastic band, thanks to which they do not fall off the feet.

  • Sex: girls
  • Type of fastening: Pulling Rubber
  • Additional information: Stiff heel Profiled insert Healthy Foot Sign
  • Hero: lack
  • stuff: Fabric
  • Colour: Gray black

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The transaction was successful. I would recommend.
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