Baking soda for shoes. Cleaning shoes with baking soda

Baking soda is a product that is likely to be found in every home. Few people know that apart from its versatile use in the kitchen, it can also be used as an effective shoe cleaner! Here are some great tips on how you can apply baking soda to keep your shoes sparkling clean.

Baking soda has a number of properties that will prove useful not only during culinary experiments, but will also be helpful, for example in the fight against unsightly dirt on your shoes! But that's not all, because it also naturalises acids, regulates the pH and also absorbs unpleasant odors, which is especially useful when it comes to maintaining shoe hygiene. Its further advantage is the price - much lower than professional cleaning preparations that you can find in stores.

Baking soda for shoes - application

Soda is great for cleaning shoes, especially those made of fabric. In the case of white shoes, it will not only help to get rid of dirt, but also refresh the color and effectively remove the yellow shade from the upper and white sole! Check how you can use baking soda to clean your favorite shoes.

1. Baking soda with water

This is by far the simplest solution you can create quickly at home. It is enough to mix about 3 tablespoons of baking soda with a little water, and then, using a cotton cloth, wipe the shoes with the preparation. For more severe stains, you can apply the solution with a soft-bristled brush and then gently rub the stain until it disappears. After the treatment, it is enough to wipe the shoe with a cloth soaked in water only to get rid of the excess soda. And it's ready! You can enjoy your favorite pair of shoes again.

2. Baking soda and vinegar

Vinegar, thanks to its cleaning and disinfecting properties, additionally supports the effect of baking soda. The substances should be mixed in the proportion 1: 1, and then, using a brush, apply the agent to the shoe and rub the dirt vigorously. Finally, wipe your shoes with only water. Be sure to try this method, especially when stubborn dirt appears on the shoes. Any stains should disappear without major problems.

3. Baking soda with a bad smell

The insoles in our shoes must be thoroughly and regularly cleaned, because it is a place where sweat and a lot of dirt accumulate. Neglecting systematic care treatments will cause the insoles to emit an unpleasant odor, and also become a place for the development of bacteria and fungi.

The fabric insoles can be safely washed in a solution of water, washing up liquid and a little baking soda. After thoroughly drying and placing the insoles back in the shoe, pour a teaspoon of baking soda inside, thoroughly spread the powder over the entire surface, and then leave it overnight. The baking soda will absorb unpleasant odors, and you will continue to enjoy using your favorite pair of shoes.

You can use baking soda on its own, in combination with water or to make a thick paste out of it - we leave the choice of the method to you. Nevertheless, it is a simple way to obtain an extremely effective cleaning agent at a low cost, which will be able to successfully replace professional equivalents available in stores.