Bad smell from shoes?

Discover 10 effective ways to make smelly shoes!

Bad smell from shoes this is quite an embarrassing but common problem. There can be many reasons for this, so it is important to identify the cause of the unpleasant smell from shoes as much as possible. If the problem also applies to you, we encourage you to read the article below. We will introduce the most common causes of the appearance of an unpleasant smell and describe it 10 effective ways to make smelly shoes.

Why do my shoes stink?

When looking for an answer to the question why my shoes stink, it's worth starting with the basics.

The most common causes of unpleasant smell from shoes this:

  • footwear made of artificial materials,

  • socks made of artificial, non-breathable fibers,

  • improper foot hygiene,

  • improper shoe care,

  • problems with excessive sweating.

The good news is that almost all factors contributing to the appearance of unpleasant odors from shoes can be eliminated using proven and effective methods. What's more, in the case of smelly shoes, reliable, home methods that have already been used by our grandmothers and that help to deal with this uncomfortable situation will work. So, get to know 10 effective ways to make smelly shoes.

What to do when shoes stink? 10 effective ways to eliminate unpleasant odors from shoes

It is estimated that the problem affects up to one in three adults. The cause is not only excessive sweating of the feet due to health factors, but also daily negligence, which in the long run result in the appearance of an unpleasant smell from shoes.

You have to know that smelly shoes is a sign that some of your habits are not right. And although sweat is a natural result of the body's thermoregulation, excess sweat, combined with other factors, can cause an unpleasant odor from shoes. What to do when shoes stink?

1. Take care of the basics.

Choose footwear made of natural materialsfor example, leather with adequate ventilation.

In addition to leather shoes, it is also essential to wear socks made of natural fibers. Synthetic materials, although much cheaper, can do more harm than good. The foot does not breathe, and the air circulation is also underestimated, thus increasing the multiplication of microorganisms and bacteria, for which a warm and humid environment is almost ideal for development.

2. Leather insoles for footwear.

If buying leather shoes is too much of a financial burden for you, invest in leather insoles. It is the element of footwear that has the greatest contact with the foot, so it should be made of natural, airy material.

3. Herbal foot baths.

Bad smell from shoes is often the result of increased sweating. Regular baths with the addition of oils or herbs bring great results. Specialists recommend tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender and sage decoction. The optimal amount is 2-3 several-minute sessions a week to significantly reduce the problem of smelly shoes.

4. Soda for smelly shoes.

One of the grandma's methods that is still used today. The problem of smelly shoes helps to overcome the usual soda, which is found in almost every kitchen. It is enough to cover the inside of the shoes with baking soda, preferably overnight, and then gently remove the powder residue. Soda perfectly absorbs unpleasant odors from shoes and prevents the accumulation of moisture.

5. Citrus peel.

Another home remedy for smelly shoes. Peel a lemon or an orange, cut the peel into small strips, then place in a linen bag and put in shoes for several hours. Citrus fruits have a very strong antibacterial effect, so in addition to a beautiful aroma, they also leave a refreshed inside of your shoes.

6. Cat litter.

All cat owners will be pleased with this method of getting an unpleasant smell from shoes. Gravel has great properties to absorb excess moisture and bad smell, which is why this method is often recommended, and most importantly - very effective.

7. Antiperspirants for feet.

People who suffer from excessive sweating of the feet should obtain a specialist antiperspirant, which, when used regularly, significantly reduces the ailment. You can buy effective foot sprays in good shoe stores, pharmacies or drugstores. It is worth choosing versions containing natural substances that have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

8. Shoe deodorants.

In addition to preparations intended for use directly on the feet, with the problem of smelly shoes Deodorants, which should be sprayed on the inside of the shoes, do an excellent job. Importantly, this measure works in various models, so in addition to covered shoes, such as boots, pumps or ankle boots, they will also be helpful in the case of sandals and all shoes that show the foot.

9. Shoe talc.

Talc works in a similar way to baking soda. It absorbs moisture and reduces unpleasant odors. However, if you are not convinced by home remedies for smelly shoes, you can choose ready-made preparations available in shoe stores or in a pharmacy.

10. Frequent airing of shoes.

Importantly, do not forget to air your shoes regularly. Frosty winter air works best, but any weather is right. It is also worth washing sweaty footwear from time to time, although not all types of shoes can be exposed to such intense contact with water. Always check the manufacturer's recommendations and ways of using your shoes to avoid damaging them.


We have described above the most effective ways to get smelly shoes and the causes of the problem. As you can see, most of them can be easily eliminated, so the unpleasant smell from shoes, although not very comfortable, is not an insurmountable condition. Follow our advice and get rid of the source of your problems.