Baby sneakers

When we buy footwear for our kids, we mainly pay attention to the quality of workmanship and the health-promoting effect of footwear. Meanwhile, children, especially the older ones, want to express themselves through styling and feel good looking in the mirror.

They also observe the fashion trends of their peers. We can combine comfort and high quality with design by buying sneakers for a child. Lots of colors and interesting patterns will be a great complement to your outfit. What to consider when buying children's sneakers?

What kind of slip-on shoes for children?

Sneakers can also be healthy for your feet. It is important to pay attention to a few important elements. Wide, rounded (never pointed!) Toes that provide room for the fingers. Contoured insole made of breathable, high-quality plastic. Flexible, fitted buttocks that hold the foot. If possible, a flexible sole, not too thick, will give the child freedom of movement.

Design - this is another aspect, perhaps not very important for us, extremely important for a child (especially an older one). Footwear should be liked by those who are going to wear them. The child can choose a specific model, based on design and aesthetic preferences.

Closure type and upper length

Shoelaces are perfect for older children and ensure precise fit of the footwear to the foot. On the other hand, Velcro and a zipper are a good solution if your child is eager to untie the shoes while playing, but he cannot do it on his own yet. their tie it back.

When buying sneakers for a child with a zipper, let's look carefully at the execution. If the fastener is fastened at an angle, it will prevent the zipper from sliding open during intense movement. When deciding on sneakers with Velcro, be sure to check their adhesion. If they unbuckle, it may turn out to be dangerous, especially when running and going crazy on uneven surfaces.

Sneakers often have a raised upper. Let us make sure, however, that it is not stiff and does not restrict movement. If it proves to be a source of discomfort, walking will turn into an unhealthy, unpleasant necessity.

Material and workmanship

Children's sneakers are great for spring. When it's warm outside, but the sandals are still waiting in the wardrobe for their turn, this type of footwear will prove to be a good transitional solution. For fun in the playground and in the meadow. In the city and in nature. Depending on how thin the material is used during production, we will match the best model to the weather conditions.

If spring is good and the weather encourages you to be outside, let's look for the most airy and delicate fabrics that will prevent the child's feet from sweating. Sweaty and wet skin is unfortunately the first step to abrasions, blisters or mycosis and itchy feet. A child who spends many hours in the yard or hiking with his parents should feel as comfortable as possible.

Sneakers as school shoes for children

This is the perfect solution! The sneakers have white soles and toes, so they will work well in class. Depending on the season, we will choose a thicker or thinner material of the upper, taking into account its height. Rich design is a chance to choose such shoes that the child will enjoy wearing and will be not only a daily duty for him, but also a way to express himself and respond to the latest trends.

Children's shoes and the shape of the foot

Each person has a different anatomical structure, so it is difficult to find a middle ground when looking for footwear for siblings. There is such a probability that what will turn out to be an ideal solution for one child, will be the opposite for the other. The height of the arch as well as the width of the foot and any other individual needs are strategic. While one child will feel extremely comfortable in the sneakers, the other may prefer sports shoes or loafers. Try a few styles and choose the best one, analyzing all the pros and cons.

The weight of the shoes and the thickness of the insole

Children's sneakers are quite a specific style of footwear, because the soles are usually relatively massive and thick. Not all models are like that and it is worth looking for exactly, depending on the age of our toddler and his posture. Children who have only recently moved on their own need very light and soft footwear. In this case, let's give up thick rubber or a high upper (especially stiff). The more delicate and imperceptible the shoe is, the better. Older children whose feet are already properly shaped may wear slightly different models. However, let's pay attention to whether the shoes provide them with adequate freedom of movement and are flexible enough for various activities or when playing in the yard.