Autumn shoes - care for shoes made of various materials

Continuing the previous article, this time we will consider preparing other autumn shoes for all rainy expeditions. In our wardrobe we certainly have a wide variety of footwear that you need to take care of in a proper way. Not every person also uses leather counterparts. Let's consider how to care for other shoes shortly before the season.

What condition are your shoes in?

This is a very important question. The actual condition of your shoes this fall depends on him. It is worth doing post-holiday cleanups and assessing which pairs you definitely have to part with, and which ones you can still leave and use, for example, in the warm half of September. Say goodbye to the leaky and damaged shoes. Moisture this year can destroy them faster, and the wearer can easily catch a cold. Taking care of shoes is very important especially for kids. They often come up with the idea of ​​running around puddles after school, in shoes other than well-protected wellies.


Check footwear for dirt. If, unfortunately, you did not clean them before winter, you should do it now - especially if these are shoes that need to be impregnated. Protect against dirt and moisture. Do not do it on the dirt, in this way you will fix it.


How to clean and protect autumn shoes?

We have already mentioned leather shoes here. However, it is worth considering cleaning other types of footwear. It's about universal and eternally fashionable suede shoes. Suede hates moisture. So do not wipe these shoes with a wet cloth. It is worth doing it dry, with a soft brush, dedicated to shoes. If you do not have one, you can choose to use a toothbrush with similar softness.


Increasingly, we also decide on nubuck shoes. It's the vegan equivalent of leather shoes. It is characterized by roughness, but it is slightly softer than that of natural material. Nubuck must also be treated dry. This means using a delicate brush that will remove dried dirt in the form of mud or salt. Thanks to this footwear will be in better condition. Finally - absolutely! - protect them with a special dedicated preparation, i.e. impregnate. You will be sure that the shoes can withstand the worst weather changes.