Autumn cleaning! What shoes should you have in your wardrobe?

Summer is slowly coming to an end, so it's worth getting ready for the upcoming season. Although September pampers the weather and lets you forget about the fall, October will be much cooler. It does not remain, so nothing else but to look through your wardrobe and see what we miss for the fall season.


We recommend starting the review from the wardrobe with the shoes, because they are the basis for those cooler days. It is worth to make a spin with them, and thus make room for new couples. Shoes can be sorted not only in terms of whether they are still suitable for walking, but also because they are fashionable this season. If you like to follow the trends, we will serve you with the most interesting trends for fall 2016.

Animal themes

Princi inspired by the world of animals, or leopard, spots for many seasons have an unwavering position among fashion trends. Thanks to the Kenzo collection for the autumn-winter 2016/2017 season, a colorful zebra joined the group. Shoes inspired by this motif can be found here:

Women's pumps Big Star 27452 gray / gold


Shoes this season have to attract attention! Glitter, sequins and metallic paint is a sign that the disco trend is coming back into favor. It is suitable not only for fahionists, but also for women who avoid extravagance in their stylizations. They work great in combination with classic, dark trousers and a white shirt. Below you will find shoes that will inspire you:

Angello 715 ballerinas

If, however, such a flash is too much for you, put on a more delicate version of this trend:

Pumps On Szpilka Złote Espinto 456/72


Although it is the 90s that is back in favor of the latest collections of designers from around the world, the 1970s are the best in shoe-making collections. Rounded toe, wide heels, platforms ... These are just some of the trends that will not appeal to everyone. Maybe the following suggestions will go to your heart?

Edeo 2119 black heel shoes black

Nose spikes

Fashion for the '70s and round toes do not rule out another, equally fashionable trend. Namely - shoes with pointed toes. Although many of you may seem uncomfortable, they are much more feminine to wear than models with round toes. It's best to start with a delicate spike, like in the pictures:

High heel shoes on Cobalt Espinto 456

High boots

The trend has been constantly on the top for several years. Stars even choose high boots instead of trousers. We are not fans of this solution, but such high boots will perfectly fit into airy dresses and shorts. In this case, tightly fitting boots such as the ones below will work best:

Women's boots stretch Caprice 25540 black

If, however, the weather is not better, put on a slightly wider upper and dress them up to trousers. Women's Badura shoes are ideal for this, as shown in the picture below:

Badura 9097 gold boots. Black

We hope that our short review of trends will help you in the inter-season review of the wardrobe. Which of the above trends have stolen your hearts and will complement your wardrobe? Or maybe one of these proposals is already in your wardrobe?