American Club sneakers pink multicolored white

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Shoes of the acclaimed American Club brand are high-class sports footwear that is perfect for both sports activities and everyday wear. Comfortable, solidly made and extremely aesthetic, it will ensure high comfort and well-being, the shoes will appeal to every girl.

American Club children's sneakers are, above all, the maximum of comfort. A solid, well-profiled sole insulates from the ground and ensures the correct positioning of the foot. The textile insole prevents the foot from sweating and does not cause abrasions. The sneakers are made entirely of textile material, which is resistant to damage and provides adequate ventilation. The shoes are also perfect for high temperatures. An additional advantage is a stiff heel counter, thanks to which the foot does not move and remains in the correct position throughout the entire period of use.

American Club sneakers are also unique in gray, they are practical and do not get dirty, but thanks to pink stars they look very delicate and girly.

  • Color: pink different colour White
  • Clasp type: Shoelaces
  • Additional information: Rigid heel counter
  • sex: Little girls
  • Material: Fabric
  • Character: lack

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