American Club 140719 ballerinas black

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Ballerinas are women's footwear. They are perfect for summer, late spring and early autumn. Their main advantage is their low weight and high breathability, which is especially pleasant in summer. Ballerinas return to women's fashion after a long absence, and when they return to women's fashion, they also return to children's fashion.

American Club shoes, model 140719, are girls' ballerinas. These ballerinas are made of the highest quality materials, such as synthetic leather, natural and thermo-rubber. The material of the upper is synthetic leather, the insoles are natural leather, and the soles are thermo-rubber. Natural leather insole provides excellent wearing comfort. Thermo-rubber sole insulates the foot from the ground well and is resistant to abrasion.

The heel of the ballerinas is reinforced, thanks to which the foot is firmly seated in the shoe. Ballerinas have a comfortable Velcro closure with a loop.

The design of the shoes is made for girls. The dominant color is black. This color harmonizes perfectly with the openwork upper.

  • Additional information: Leather insole
  • sex: Little girls
  • Material: Artificial leather
  • Clasp type: Another
  • Character: lack
  • Color: black

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