All that glitters is not gold. Shine in metallic shoes!

Women all over the world have fallen in love with metallic shoes. This shouldn't surprise anyone! These shoes allow you to get the WOW effect without much effort. They are perfect for various festive occasions, catching the eye and creating an unforgettable impression. Wondering what to wear them with? Or maybe you are looking for models that will work best? We've compiled a list of our favorites and some inspiration.

How to wear metallic shoes?

Metallic shoes are footwear that will allow you to shine regardless of the occasion. When styling them, be careful not to get the opposite effect and not end up looking like a decorated Christmas tree. 

Basically, the more expressive your metal shoes are, the more minimalistic the rest of your outfit should be. You can wear these shoes with almost anything.

Combine them with men's jeans and a fitted top and a long trench coat. If you prefer more feminine styles, choose a long, airy skirt and match it oversizestriped sweater. Put on jewelry that matches your shoes, paint your lips red and look straight from the catwalk ready!

What color of metallic shoes to choose?

Silver or gold metallic studs are a great choice when you want a style effect glamorwhile staying true to the classics. Equally popular is rose gold, which is a bit more subtle and is an intriguing alternative to silver and gold. 

If you are not afraid of flashy colors, opt for intense pink in a metallic edition. Even when you combine these shoes with a monochromatic creation, you will look simply insane. 

Be careful not to overdo it. Classic shades of metallic shoes can be combined with more sophisticated creations, and intense colors can be combined with a subdued color palette or choose complementary colors.

Shine in metallic shoes

The beauty of metallic shoes is that they let you shine (literally and figuratively). No matter what special occasion accompanies you, in such shoes you are guaranteed a shiny finish.

Set silver metallic high heels with a sky blue pleated midi dress. You can wear this stylization as a bride for a civil wedding or as a witness at a friend's wedding.

Are you planning to party until dawn on Andrzejki or New Year's Eve? Metallic, sky-high heels are the perfect complement to a shiny dress with sequins. After all, such parties only take place once a year!

Not only on holidays

Contrary to appearances, metallic shoes are not reserved only for special occasions and will allow you to shine not only on holidays. These shoes, although they look unique, are so versatile that you can successfully wear them with everyday styles.

Whether you're going to a movie with friends, a date or just shopping at the mall, metallic shoes will make you feel confident. Team them with a classic jumper and jeans in the style of the 70s or with fashionable ripped trousers that you can roll up just above the ankle. In this way, you will expose your metallic shoes, directing the eyes of others in this direction.

If you like contrasts, choose a subdued knitted dress with metallic boots and a long mid-calf cardigan.

You can successfully wear them even to the office, combining with a pencil skirt and a white shirt.

Meet our favourites

You certainly can't wait for metallic shoes to take pride of place in your footwear collection. To help you choose, we've compiled a list of our favorite models.

Black metallic high heels

Are you planning a corporate Christmas party? Put on black, metallic heels that will emphasize the festive nature of this event. Team them with black, thin tights or - if you like to look less obvious - choose shiny tights. For this, choose a black flared skirt with a mid-calf length and put on a white shirt. Put your hair up in an elegant bun and put on delicate dangling earrings. 

Women's boots with a metallic sheen

Nobody said that metallic is reserved only for high heels! How about hit boots with a metallic twist made of ecological leather? The sole with a tread and a shoe blanket inside the shoe will make this footwear perfect for cold days. Wear them with jeans and your favorite sweaters or set with a little black dress and a long wool cardigan. 

Metallic insulated snow boots

How about insulated snow boots in a metallic edition? These shoes conquer the hearts of all fashion lovers! Wear them with leggings or wide-leg sweatpants, a down jacket that ends above the hips, a baseball cap and a thick scarf. Complete this look with careful makeup with lip gloss and feminine earrings. WOW effect guaranteed!

Pink and black metallic sandals

Would you like your favorite metallic to accompany you all year round, but you can hardly find metallic sandals that won't look kitschy? Be sure to pay attention to our offer! Leather sandals in black and pink colors will make you always look great. You can wear them both on a daily basis and for summer parties.