A few reasons why we love comfortable women's sandals

Women's sandals are a must-have for the coming summer. They will add a holiday accent to any styling, and at the same time provide you with incomparable comfort on hot days, no matter what your plans are. You will feel at ease in them both while walking around the city, and you will look extremely charming at a wedding in the garden. We advise which models are the most comfortable and what aspects are worth paying attention to when choosing women's sandals.

Why is it worth buying comfortable women's sandals?

Women's sandals are the perfect way to travel countless kilometers in style, provided they are comfortable. Are you wondering why you should buy them? We advise!

First of all, women's sandals will provide you with comfort on hot days, and at the same time you can look really stylish in them. Best of all, when looking for comfortable solutions, you don't have to limit yourself to a flat sole. Wedge sandals will be equally practical, as they will optically lengthen your legs, giving you self-confidence.

Secondly, sandals are really diverse. Literally every woman can find a model for herself. If you prefer the boho style, go for gladiators. Flat sandals in a neutral shade are perfect for fans of minimalist solutions. Choose between neutral or more eye-catching colors. If you want to add expressiveness to your stylization, go for metallic. Sandals with ornaments are also an interesting option. Do you love rock style? Sandals with studs will hit the spot for you! Do you prefer a more girly outfit? Opt for sandals with unobtrusive crystals that will emphasize yours outfit.

Thirdly, women's sandals fit almost any styling and can be successfully worn on many occasions, provided the weather is favorable. They will work with both airy dresses and shorts. If you don't feel like discovering your legs, don't worry. Women's sandals can easily be worn with long pants. Choose linen bells ending right with the line of shoes or roll up the legs of your favorite jeans several times. The choice is yours!

An additional advantage of sandals is that they are a great excuse to keep your feet in perfect condition. After all, there is nothing more fun than regular pedicure treatments. Remember that the color of the nail polish should harmonize with the rest of the styling and do not disturb the harmony of your outfit.

What to wear women's sandals with?

If we've convinced you that it's worth buying comfortable women's sandals, you are surely wondering what to wear them with and whether they will be the right choice for all occasions. Luckily, styling your sandals isn't as difficult as it might seem. We have collected some useful tips that will dispel all your doubts.

Women's sandals are perfect for a date. Combine them with a flowery dress with a floral pattern and have fun! Remember to adjust the heel height to your plans. A romantic dinner or a trip to the cinema is a perfect opportunity to wear comfortable wedges or high heel sandals. For a long walk through the captivating streets of the city, those with flat heels will be better. 

If you want to look fresh and at ease on a daily basis, pair flat, beige sandals with a long dress. This way, even the hottest days will not be terrible! Sandals can look great with dresses or miniskirts, jeans or fabric trousers.

Women's sandals can prove themselves even on the wedding day! Are you planning an outdoor wedding? High-quality flat sandals with fancy crystals will emphasize the importance of this event, and at the same time will make you able to dance the night away! 

Avoid combining flat-soled sandals with tights. In the case of wedge or heel sandals, you can successfully wear mist-thin tights to match your skin tone, or one shade darker to make it appear tanned. Remember, however, that the reinforcements on the fingers are invisible.

What to look for when choosing women's sandals?

When choosing women's sandals, it is worth paying attention to several aspects that will provide you with the necessary comfort. Choose from many available models, sticking to a few basic rules, and you will certainly not feel discomfort even for a moment.

The most important rule that you need to pay attention to is the right sandal size. Make sure that they don't put pressure on your feet at any point or are too loose. Improperly fitting sandals can cause blistering or contribute to the swelling of the feet.

Pay attention to the correct support for the arch of your foot. Unlike flip-flops, sandals are able to provide real comfort even during long walks, especially if they have an additional fastening along the ankle and just above the heel.

Consciously choose the material from which the sandals are made. Leather and suede are by far the best choices that will make you forget about the problem of sweating feet. When deciding on footwear made of synthetic materials, pay attention to the finish of the insole. It should be leather. 

While wearing sandals, do not forget to regularly apply sunscreen with high sunscreen to your feet. You certainly don't want a hard-to-get-off tan in the shape of your shoes.