A combination of comfort and elegance. We suggest what to wear jazz shoes with

Jazz shoes are synonymous with comfort in style. These lace-up shoes are distinguished by a flat heel, rounded toe and unique elegance. Although in the past they were worn only for dancing, today they successfully complement many women's styling. We advise you on what to wear jazz tunics with to impress with a great look.

Not only for dancing

Jazz shoes were originally created with dancers in mind. A low heel and a rounded toe ensure high comfort of use, and the unique appearance added charm. No wonder that millions of women around the world love them.

Jazz shoes are the epitome of comfort and elegance. They are suitable for both formal and less formal occasions. We advise you on what to wear these shoes with to delight with a great look regardless of the circumstances.

Perfect for the office and for a walk

If you are not a fan of high shoes at work and are looking for an alternative to ballerinas or moccasins, jazz shoes are the answer to your needs. This type of footwear is perfect for the office. Wear them in combination with a woman's suit, favorite dress or leather leggings and a white shirt. 

The perfect styling for an elegant one businesswoman there will be a combination of dark chinos, an elegant blouse, a fashionable jacket and lacquered jazz shoes. If you want to draw attention to your stylish shoes even more, fold up your trouser legs twice and hang a stylish bracelet around your ankle. Don't forget about minimalist earrings and a high bun. This way you will look like a pro! 

Another idea for an outfit for the office will be a juxtaposition black and beige jazz shoes made of embossed leather with a bright shirt midi dress. This color of shoes will optically lengthen your legs, while slenderizing your figure. If you want to look even more advantageous, fasten a thin black belt at the waist that will perfectly balance the light one look.

Jazz shoes are also a great solution when you want to look elegant and at the same time feel at ease. Are you going for a walk, shopping or coffee with a friend? By choosing jazz music, you can be sure that each styling will benefit from it, and you will comfortably reach your destination. These shoes are so versatile that they fit practically anything. Formal trousers, comfortable jeans, skirts and even dresses look phenomenal in their company.

For brown, suede jazz boots, choose fashionable high-waisted trousers, into which you can gently slip a light, oversized shirt. Don't forget the color-matched purse and the thin brown strap to accentuate the waistline. A patterned scarf tied around the neck will be a perfect complement to this outfit. When it is relatively cool outside, wear a stylish biker jacket that will keep you warm.

Complementing spring stylizations

Jazz shoes are so light footwear that you can successfully wear them on warm spring days. Wear jeans with trendy distances, bright jazz boots and a plain white T-shirt. For this, choose a thin cardigan reaching mid-calves and a scarf with a bright, floral pattern. If you want, you can replace the sweater with a katana or a stylish trench coat. This way you will look fashionable and feel comfortable.

The revival of gloomy autumn days

In autumn, the weather does not encourage action. Break the gloomy aura with colorful styling. Choose black, matte jazz shoes made of ecological leatherwith dark pants and a loose wool sweater in an energizing orange color. Complete the look with red lipstick and large golden circle-shaped earrings. Thus monochrome look will gain a colorful accent and you will look phenomenal. 

You can also wear Jazz boots with thick tights. Choose black matte leather shoes with black tights. Complete the look with a leather skirt that ends just above the knee, a knitted turtleneck and a calf-length pink warm coat. Don't forget about an expressive purse with a fashionable pattern!

Have fun with fashion!

Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to only single-color jazzers. Although black or beige shoes are an easy base to complete an elegant outfit, you can successfully play with fashion. Choose jazz clubs with a more or less flashy pattern. What about colorful jazz shoes with a floral pattern? These shoes will definitely attract the attention of every passer-by! Wear them in combination with white pants that end above the ankle and a color-matched blouse.

Are you going to a party? In silver, varnished jazz shoes you will look phenomenal and you will surely dance the night away! Set them up with a flared polka dot dress and a metallic purse. The icing on the cake will be shimmering evening makeup.

If you prefer balanced solutions, choose matte black jazz sounds with an unusual accent in the form of thick laces with a white thread. The natural material from which the shoes are made will prevent your feet from sweating regardless of the weather. An additional advantage is that they are easy to keep clean.

Jazz shoes are shoes that you can successfully wear for any occasion. If you want to look elegant and professional, choose subdued colors and natural materials. When you want to give your styling an original style, choose more sophisticated colors, gloss and unusual patterns. We are sure that you will look gorgeous and enjoy unparalleled comfort every time.