3 ways for shoes and autumn - what should you remember in this wet period?

Above all, we must remember that not one man lives a pair of shoes. We can have - and it is worth doing so - as many as three pairs of different shoes for autumn, thanks to which we will feel better here . We can buy elegant, original shoes, perfect for example for Andrew's party, casual shoes and shoes for special occasions, which are very comfortable and indestructible. Because autumn is just that - our shoes can quickly be destroyed by puddles, heavy mornings or heavy afternoons. Here are five ways to take care of your footwear in any autumn conditions.

1. Watch out for soaking your shoes!

Leaking shoes not only destroys their struc here sle and makes one season will be disposed of. Soaking threatens your health, especially during the autumn period of weakness. At this time of year, it is worth using the protection of your body inwards, but also from the outside. Long walking in wet or even damp shoes can cause many illnesses. And diseases are not needed for happiness. Soaked boots should be dried as soon as possible so that they will not be able to deform. This is very important.

2. Suede and autumn puddles?

Suede is very elegant, but does not quite match the autumn weather. Rain can quickly destroy them by getting wet - especially this type of shoes is not worth taking with you on long journeys. Suede, although unique, is not as durable as slippery materials and transmits water. If, however, you do not have to stay outside for a long time, it is worth setting them up for a special occasion, going out to town or a date. If we happen to wet it, under no circumstances should you dry your shoes with a hairdryer. It is also forbidden to put them under a radiator and in the bright, bright sun.

3. Wellingtons are always a good choice

We have already written about galoshes HEREbut it is worth remembering that they are shoes that love this time of year. Galoshes are ideal not only during trekking or during a forest walk. They also work well in the city, at work and on the way to school. They are waterproof, and many different patterns allow us to choose the right oneHERE perfect footwear. Galoshes do not require earlier protection against moisture, like suede or leather. They protect the foot against rain and puddles. As a result, more and more people reach for it, praising their advantages and different colors.