Which cycling shoes will be the best?

The beginning of spring is the best time to start the cycling season. Recreational two-wheeled riding does not require any special equipment. If the number of kilometers on the meter increases every day, it is worth considering cycling shoes. Thanks to them, moving on two wheels will be a real pleasure. Which footwear for cycling will be the best?

Specialized cycling shoes

Cyclists know perfectly well that the right footwear can help them improve their performance. That is why they like to wear shoes intended for installation in the SPD system when cycling. This solution is most often equipped with two-wheelers designed to overcome many kilometers of routes. What is SPD? It is a system thanks to which the shoes can be plugged into specially adapted bicycle pedals. Professional cycling shoes are characterized by a very stiff sole. Couples with SPD often resemble trekking models. There is a wide selection of cycling shoes on the market, designed for fast and dynamic riding. Some models are so versatile that they can also be walked on. This is great if part of the cycle route has to be covered on foot. Who should decide on professional cycling shoes? Let's choose them if we want to work on the dynamics of driving and our own condition. It is a must-have for those who prepare for competitions, regularly cover long distances or ride in demanding conditions - for example in the mountains. What about those who only organize weekend trips?

Sports shoes for recreational cycling

Weekend lovers of two-wheelers should remember about safety and comfort when riding a bike. Professional cycling shoes would be the optimal choice for them. If in the season we spend only a dozen or so hours on a bicycle saddle, let's use traditional sports shoes for a ride. Gym and fitness shoes or sneakers will be a good choice. It is important that they have a solid bond. Leave trekking shoes with a thick, reinforced sole for hiking. For riding on two wheels, models in which we will feel that the foot has a stable footing on the pedals will work better. A wide range of sports shoes, intended for bicycles and sports, can be found in the KeeShoes online store.

Are elegant shoes suitable for a bicycle?

Bicycles have taken over the centers of large cities and more and more people are riding them to work. Women in elegant costumes or men in suits going to office buildings on two-wheelers is a common sight. In the case of men, riding in classic, tied shoes should not be difficult. Cyclops should, on the other hand, focus on comfort and safety. This means that stilettos, high-heeled sandals and slip-on slippers are best left at home. For cycling, ladies can wear women's tied oxford shoes, flat ballerinas or sneakers. What about riding in sandals? For safety reasons, this is not the best type of footwear for cycling. However, in the summer you can meet a lot of ladies and gentlemen walking on bicycle paths with their feet open. When choosing sandals for riding, remember that they should fit well on your foot and have a solid clasp.

The type of shoes that we put on the bike should be adjusted to our own preferences. Avid cyclists who cover hundreds of kilometers per week in the season should invest in professional models. Comfortable sports shoes will prove themselves in the case of recreational riding. People using a two-wheeler as a means of transport to work can put on elegant shoes, but they should remember about safety.