Which ankle boots for children?

Choosing the right baby shoes is not so easy. Concerned about the safety of our children, we want to choose such footwear that will ensure the highest comfort, stability of the foot and will not rub or weaken the child. An important aspect is also the appropriate material from which they are made. A good choice that will ensure adequate stability for children's feet will be ankle-high boots. In the article below, we will advise you which shoes should be the best for the children's ankle.

The rules for choosing the right shoes for children

We should take care of our children's feet from the first steps. It will help in choosing properly selected footwear that allows proper development and proper functioning of the foot. It should be remembered that even the slightest irregularity in the construction of the foot may result in morbid changes in the hip, knee and spine joints. That is why the selection of high quality footwear is so important.

When deciding on children's shoes, it is worth remembering a few important rules:

  • The material - shoes should be made of natural materials or airy materials. They must be resistant to damage and to protect against abrasions. It is best that the padding is made by the skin.
  • Padded heel - ensures stability and keeps the heel in the right position, ensuring proper positioning of the entire foot. Stiffened heels are a very important element of children's shoes, because they protect against deformity or valgus in the future.
  • The upper reaches over the ankle - thanks to this, the feet of the child will be stable, and at the same time their movements will not be limited.
  • The high and wide tip - the child will have the right place for the correct positioning of the fingers and will be able to move them freely.
  • Flexible sole - it is best not to be too soft, but also not too stiff. It should also not slip because it may cause a child to fall. A good sole should be flexible and non-slip.
  • Wide heel - shoes should not be higher than 1.5 cm, but should have a wide heel, which will be a good support for the heel.
  • Well-fitting size - baby shoes should be matched to the length of his feet. They can not be too short, as this may cause distortion of the feet. They also do not work for large shoes because they do not provide adequate stability and the sole will bend in the wrong place.

Baby shoes and shoes

Shoes and booties Children's shoes are a type of footwear that works great regardless of their age. If we choose the size and material from which they were made, they will be very comfortable and comfortable to wear.

When choosing shoes and shoes, it is worth remembering that the footwear should be longer than the foot by about 8 to 10 mm due to the fact that the child's foot grows very fast and increases in length. The leg often also moves forward while walking, so such a reserve will be the perfect solution. Children's shoes and shoes should also have a small heel. In the case of small children, its height should be about 5 mm, and for 3-4 years about 10 mm. 5 and 6 years old should have a high heel of 20 mm and children under 10 years of 25 mm.

Among children's shoes and boots, we can find ones that are fastened with velcro, for example a nice and comfortable model boys' shoes Ren Boot 1423 gray or shiny Boots for Velcro Butt 3229 light purple for girls. This solution is very convenient, and at the same time saves a lot of time, because shoes can be put on the child's feet much faster. In our offer we also have a lot of suggestions for fans of traditional bonded shoes, e.g. Adi sports shoes American Club sneakers for girls or tied up Rhine But shoes 1501 green for boys.

Boots for children

Boots for children it's a great choice for autumn and winter months. All models are appropriately contoured and fitted to the child's foot. They were also enriched with antibacterial and antifungal inserts that protect the toddler's feet even during long hours of play. Noteworthy is also the outsole of boots, which is suitably flexible and resistant to abrasion. Thanks to this, the boots are very comfortable and do not slide on smooth surfaces. All boots also have a rigid heel, ensuring correct stability and preventing injuries and abrasions. Currently, our offer includes comfortable and stylish American Club children's boots and boots for Ren Butthat will surely appeal to the youngest and their parents.

Wellington boots for children

All children love to play in the rain and jump into the puddles. That's why wellingtons for children are essential footwear for rainy days. Currently, we have a huge selection of different types of colors and designs on the market. Most importantly, they are very functional. They protect against various weather conditions, provide stability for the feet and are flexible enough. Our store's offer includes colorful models with fairy-tale characters, e.g. blue rain boots, but also functional and at the same time nice American Club Wellies sock + insert American horsesthat will work perfectly in autumn and winter. 

In conclusion, choosing a good footwear for a child is very important. The child's ankle boots will provide him with the necessary stability and safety. If you want your child to enjoy healthy feet, feel comfortable and comfortable, even during many hours of fun and walks, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We are happy to help you choose the right shoes for your child.