When to start looking for autumn shoes?

We ask this question - YES! - right now. Although it's only mid-August, it's worth looking into your closet at this point. Maybe the holiday season is over, but we have some time to do the pre-autumn cleanup. We encourage you to visit them! Thanks to this, you will know what shoes you and your family have, and what autumn footwear you should buy.


We are currently of the opinion that the more shoes, the better. But it is important that quality goes with quantity. Therefore, below you will find tips on which shoes to look for when it comes to the next, beautiful, Polish season of the year - that is, golden autumn.

Autumn - wet, cold and cloudy

The end of summer is already a weather interlacing. Those who decided on a late-summer vacation in the mountains or on the Baltic Sea know this. The weather is capricious, often sending heavy rains to us, turning mountain paths into mud streams. To avoid them, it is worth equipping yourself with good shoes - even autumn! We mean trappers and built-in sports shoes, which will be useful even until the beginning of December, during active family walks. Such footwear can be found on our site, for both women and men as well as the youngest.


Autumn is a time of unexpected rains that also bother in cities. It is worth knowing now whether there is a promotion for wellies or other waterproof shoes. They will be useful not only to children, but also to women. We believe that a dry foot is a happy foot, especially during colds.

What shoes should I buy?

This is a very individual question. Let's start with a different one - do you know what autumn shoes you have in your wardrobe? No? Start your shopping from here. Take out all the pairs of shoes you will find, starting with your own, of course. Decide which shoes are suitable for next season, and which should be parted. Think about what shoes you want to buy. Here we suggest that it is good to buy footwear from a proven company, especially if we want to be 100% sure that they will not get wet.


Then enter our store and decide by categories which shoes you need the most. Will these be galoshes? Or maybe trappers or sports shoes, because from September you start with various sports activities? Any pair of shoes would not be - it's worth ordering it now, in August, to enjoy lower prices and be sure that your dream model in your issue has not been sold out.