What winter wedding shoes?

Winter is not the most popular time to get married. However, some couples decide to get married in the winter season because of the short deadline, lower price or simply preferences. Then the question arises among guests - what winter wedding shoes? Do you have to take shoes for a change? Or maybe I can in pumps or shoes? We dispel any doubts and advise which model to choose!

Winter wedding shoes - go for comfort and functionality

Weather conditions in Poland during the winter can be different. From temperatures below 10 degrees, when the sun shines, it rains and the wind blows, to really frosty days, when the thermometers are well below 0 degrees and the road is snowing. The choice of footwear should therefore be adapted to the prevailing aura. The shoes must be warm, comfortable and must also ensure proper stability - even when the road may be frozen. We recommend choosing good quality winter shoes for the wedding ceremony and transfer to the wedding hall. Among them of course women's boots and men's Jodhpur boots. Ladies may also like it booties - e.g. on high heels, heels or wedges.

When choosing a wedding reception in winter, there are several elements to consider:

  • Choose the right size, but remember that shoes cannot squeeze or trap you;
  • Ladies should choose shoes with a stable heel - e.g. on a post instead of a heel;
  • We recommend making sure that the selected shoe model does not get wet, because the winter weather can surprise you;
  • The best for shoes with a thick sole - this will isolate the leg from the ground, guaranteeing thermal comfort.

Also keep in mind that when the marriage ceremony is over, guests will be invited to the wedding hall where the temperature will be completely different. It is therefore necessary to buy a change of shoes - light, comfortable and ideal for dancing. Gentlemen should have up their sleeve shoesand your favorite ladies shuttles whether ballerinas. We advise what models of shoes perfect for a winter wedding are on top!

What shoes should I wear for the ceremony?

The marriage ceremony usually takes place in the church or in the Registry Office, less often in the place where the wedding will take place. In this regard, it is worth considering the fact that you will need to get between individual locations and take into account the prevailing weather conditions. Therefore, warm shoes with a higher upper will work.

Our suggestions for women:

  • Thigh-high boots with knee-highs is a hit of recent years, which is extremely feminine and sexy. These types of shoes go perfectly with dresses, and at the same time guarantee thermal comfort. High heels are available - e.g. Black high heelsas well as flat - e.g. N / M black suede insulated boots.
  • Sock boots on a high heel - this model is recognized by ladies who like unusual, but very practical and feminine solutions. Among these types of proposals gray socks on a heel LL-103p Gray.
  • High heels - shorter than the boots, they are still great during the wedding ceremony. One of the most fashionable suggestions are e.g. red high heels NS039P Red, which you'll also find in other colors.

Our suggestions for men:

  • Jodhpur boots - is undoubtedly one of the most-chosen options by men for this type of occasion. The ankle-high shoes perfectly protect against cold, and at the same time blend in with elegant stylization. An example of this type of shoes are Black Pilpol 6030 tied boots.
  • Shoes - this type of footwear is most often chosen by men for both the ceremony and the wedding party. A good quality product should pass the exam in all conditions - e.g. navy blue elegant shoes.

Winter wedding shoes - a perfect model for fun

Once you get from the place of the ceremony to the location of wedding fun, you can change shoes for lighter ones. Thanks to this, your leg will not sweat and you will successfully play on the dance floor until dawn.

Our suggestions for winter women's wedding shoes:

Suggestions of winter wedding shoes for men:

A winter wedding gives many styling possibilities. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the ButyModne.pl store - we are convinced that you will find a model tailored to your needs! Enjoy your shopping and have fun until dawn!