What shoes in the mountains for children?

When choosing a mountain trip with children, we often wonder what footwear to choose. We want it to be comfortable, comfortable and durable. It is also important to provide the child's foot with adequate stabilization and cushioning. We present our proposals for shoes in the mountains for children.

Are special children's shoes needed at all?

Some parents assume that it is not worth investing in shoes for a child, because it will grow out of them very quickly. True, the child's rate is growing very fast, but also deserves adequate comfort and convenience, especially during mountain excursions. Choosing the right shoes in advance for a child is also very important for its safety. Good boots with non-slip soles will protect you from falling down a steep slope and provide adequate stability during the uphill path.

A trip to the mountains is a reason for joy for the child and an amazing windfall. Many children love this form of physical activity, because it is also a good way to spend free time with their parents. Of course, such a journey should be planned wisely. Puppies can go on a trip with their parents in low mountains in a baby carrier, a sling or a pram, if the route is adapted to it and only during a break podreptać along the mountain paths. However, when it comes to older children, from the age of 5-6, they can get used to mountain routes and go through one that will be matched to their possibilities. The right shoes are necessary, however, and no mountain hike can do without them - both for teenagers and teenagers.

Snow boots for children

It is often snowing in the mountains, which is why good quality snowbootsthey will be perfect for trips to those areas. They are well made and very stable. They also protect against falling and slipping on steep mountain slopes. In the assortment of our store you will find several models that are characterized by the highest quality and will work well for both girls and boys.

Children's snow boots are passed even under extreme conditions. They have thick and warm fur inside, which makes them very warm and perfect even in the harsh winter. Models available on our website are available in various sizes and color versions, so each child can choose the ones he likes - e.g. brown children's Eskimo snow boots. black children's orthalion boots  whether Velcro sneakers Mt Trek. They all have a solid, sporty sole that properly insulates against snow and cold wind.

Traperki for children

Children are, contrary to appearances, very demanding clients. They need shoes that are suitably shaped, comfortable and adapted to an active lifestyle, and any inconvenience may result in reluctance to continue the journey. Shoes in the mountains for children must therefore be particularly comfortable to use and durable. Walking in the mountains is a lot of effort, especially for children, so it is very important that high-quality shoes make it as easy as possible. For this reason, we offer shoes made exclusively on the basis of the highest standards that will surely steal the hearts of children and their parents.

In the mountains, they are perfectly universal boots type of trapper. In the assortment of our store you will find both variants for boys, e.g. boys American American Club trappers black, as well as proposals for girls, eg beautiful and functional gray trappers American American Club. 

The shoes are easy to put on because they have a zipper closure. They are made of high-quality ecological leather, which adapts to the shape of the child's foot and ensures stability. Inside, they are insulated with fur, which is why they protect against cold and wind. Rubber sole also protects against slipping, and a rigid heel makes the foot more amortized. 

Boots for children

Warm, waterproof boots are another good choice of shoes for a child in the mountains. It is important that they are made of high quality materials. Our offer includes, among other things girls' boots Zarro made of natural grain leather, which protects against frost and flexibly adapts to the child's foot. From the inside, they are insulated with footwear, which is why they protect perfectly against adverse weather conditions.

For boys, for example, functional boots with a Bartek membrane. These shoes are certified "Healthy Foot", which proves high quality and safety of use. They will work during winter mountain walks, because they stabilize the foot properly and protect against cold. They have also been enriched with the "BRTKtex" membrane, whose main task is protection against wind and snow. The shoes also provide the feet with adequate ventilation, despite the fur insulation inside. It is worth remembering that this property is very important during trips. 

On our site you will find top quality children's shoes. A great choice will be both snow boots, trappers, and insulated boots. For the sake of comfort and safety of a child, it is worth choosing footwear that will absorb the foot, protect against falling, and at the same time provide adequate protection against frost, wind and snow. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer! We are sure that you will find the right shoes in the mountains for your child!