What shoes for a summer wedding?

Summer is definitely the most popular time for weddings. Young people willingly enjoy the charms of weather offered by this period. For guests it is also a convenient time - holidays are conducive to holidays and trips, and the weather outside encourages to meet with loved ones and party until dawn. However, the question arises - what shoes for a summer wedding! We've decided to gather the most important information to help you make this decision. Here are our tips!

Summer wedding shoes - above all, comfort

Before we present an idea about what shoes for a summer wedding should choose, we give some rules for choosing a practical model. Due to the fact that the wedding is not a few hours out, but usually lasts from the afternoon to the morning of the next day, you will spend a long time in them and comfort is important. What's more, you will not be in only one place in your shoes - a ceremony at the registry office or in the church, then transfer to the wedding hall, dance, go outside to talk to loved ones and friends, and then return home. It is estimated that during weddings, the average guest overcomes even several kilometers and tens of thousands of steps! We do not need to convince you that comfortable shoes are the basis!

  • Adjust the size to your needs.
  • Choose a stable model with a comfortable heel.
  • Order shoes in advance to have time to part them and test.
  • Make sure your shoes are not too loose - they must not fall off your feet during the dance!
  • Ladies should adjust the heel height to their capabilities - if they wear this type of shoes only a few times a year, it is worth choosing lower ones, e.g. on a post or wedges.
  • For men with a wide foot, we recommend choosing shoes with a wide toe cap so that they do not hurt them.
  • On hot days, we recommend choosing breathable shoes that allow your foot to breathe - e.g. women's sandals whether men's loafers.

Also remember about the change of shoes - even the most comfortable, proven model can disappoint you that day after many hours of fun. Have a convenient alternative up your sleeve to let your feet breathe. We assure you that neither the young couple nor any of the wedding guests will blame you if you dress up elegant men's shoes whether women's pumps for comfortable trainers or ballerinas. Good fun counts!

The most popular models of shoes for a summer wedding for women

Ladies at all costs want to look insane during such events. Every woman can adjust the style to her preferences, taste, figure and prevailing fashion. Does the same apply to footwear? To a large extent, yes if it meets the criteria in the first paragraph. If the shoes will be comfortable, stable and comfortable to wear even for several hours - you can be guided by aesthetics. Here are our ideas, what shoes for a summer wedding will be the best!

  • High heels - this is a type of shoes that all women love for visual reasons. It slims your leg, looks elegant and goes with any stylization. Among the most fashionable proposals, there is always a classic - e.g. SHELOVET black pumps on the post or a more extravagant model like sandals with high heels.
  • Wedges - among this type of shoes are numerous pumps and sandals that women love. They are stable, yet stylish and optically lengthening the figure. The eagerly chosen model is e.g. navy blue pumps on the Alice wedge heel.
  • Shoes on a post - these can have different height, shape or color. They guarantee a stable step, comfort and still phenomenally slim legs, adding a few centimeters. There are many options, e.g. Weide black pumps with a glitter heel or Nio Nio classic red pumps.
  • Flat-heeled shoes - sandals, ballerinas, sneakers, moccasins, espadrilles. There are plenty of variants, so we know that if you do not like high shoes or are looking for a disguise model, you will find in our assortment a solution that meets your needs. Among the options include Nio Nio black ballerinas with a bowthat are a hit this summer!

Summer wedding shoes for men - some ideas for an interesting stylization

Gentlemen among the proposals of shoes for a summer wedding also have many options. Of course, the most popular is the classic in the form of leather shoes. There, however, the multitude of variants can be dizzy and we are convinced that the models available in our offer will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. What's more, if you like a little variety and want to break the elegance with a more sporty, summer accent - you can choose other models. Here are our suggestions!

  • Leather shoes - this type of shoes perfectly match any suit and give style to the chic and elegant. Knotted, slipped in, with applications, smooth, in different colors - there are many possibilities. It is worth matching the selection to the preferences and style of the suit that you have at your disposal. They will work, for example, always fashionable brown leather low shoes, Tur or airy, perfect for summer Riko 694 men's sports shoes.
  • Moccasins - this is the hit of recent years, which is increasingly being chosen by men who prefer comfort and an unusual look. You can choose e.g. knotted black sailor loafers or elegant Pilpol moccasins black shoes Pilbut 01.
  • Sneakers - if you love sporty style and are willing to break conventional solutions, we recommend shoes in the form of various types of sneakers that go well with suits. This for example white Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes.

We hope that we helped you decide what shoes for a summer wedding will be the best. Choose from the ButyModne.pl offer a variant tailored to your needs and dance in them until dawn. Happy shopping and crazy fun!