We will tell you about shoes - five footwear trivia, which is worth knowing!

Do you love shoes just like us? For sure! That's why this working week ends with a short entry about not so much about shoes and their kinds, but interesting facts about shoes. If you want to learn a few interesting facts, we invite you to read the first of this type of blog entries on ButyModne.pl blog!


Shoes without a pair, special hooks for shoes and stolen shoes

Until a century ago no shoes were produced with a distinction between right and left foot - really! This information also shocked us, especially as in today's life we ​​can not imagine walking in differently contoured shoes, taking into account the shape of the foot. To make your shoes perfect, you had to go to a shoemaker who would tailor footwear to make it more comfortable to travel. Only with the invention of an industrial solution for wholesale production, the problem ceased to exist.

It is also worth mentioning in this paragraph that women are a master of coping with embarrassing attire. In the 19th century ladies fashioned high-top boots, fastened with many small buttons. Being stuck in a corset, women could do little to really fasten those unfortunate buttons, which is why they invented ... a special hook that made the task easier!

Shoes also tend to steal some - especially the unique ones. Therefore, it is no wonder that ruby ​​pumps, appearing in "The Sorcerer of Oz" together with Judy Garland were stolen. And nobody has solved this situation yet. What are the shoes that they do with people!


Shoes are art and pins from the professor ...

Footwear is not only a new pleasure, but also art. This is what the first shoes are designed for, designed in a futuristic style by Andre Perugia. Perugia has shown that beyond practicality in this piece of clothing he also values ​​art that can surprise all people. And it surprised, in the first half of the twentieth century. Andre was the creator of the so-called "Heel-less shoe" and approaches with extravagance to his work. In the end, the shoes inspire!

And a professor invented ... pins. Paul Stevenson was the author of the maximum heels, about 13 cm. During the development, Stevenson included, among others, experience in wearing this footwear, sobriety, price per pair and several important variables that made up the sociological factor. Great business, right?