Uncomfortable footwear? How to choose the right insoles?

Uncomfortable footwear is the bane of many people. The selected model looks beautiful, we are happy to put it on to our stylization, but after a few hours it turns out that it was not the best decision. How to deal with this situation? You can buy new shoes or choose a cheaper solution, which we will deal with now. We suggest how to choose the right insoles!

Insoles - why should you reach for them?

Insoles are not widely advertised product, which is a pity. Many people forget that they can significantly improve the comfort of using footwear. You do not have to give up on sneakers, high heels, moccasins or other shoes you have just bought, even if they prove uncomfortable. Thanks to the insole, you will adjust the shoe to your foot and ensure that wearing them will not cause discomfort. Good insoles must fit perfectly to the foot, so fitting them takes quite a long time.

Particular attention should be paid to insoles that are intended to be of a healthy nature - correct posture defect, joint deformities or eliminate pain. Then it is good to opt for orthopedic insoles that will have a beneficial effect on health problems.

Another reason for using insoles may be the wrong size of shoes. You ordered a model too large that you liked very much and in a fit of emotion decided to keep it? It happens. Now, however, you cannot expose your feet to comfort and wear shuffling shoes. Well-chosen insoles will fix this problem and make even too large shoes can be maximally comfortable. Below we suggest how to choose inserts for the situation!

5 tips on how to choose the right insoles

  • If you want the insoles not only to improve the comfort of wearing footwear, but also to positively affect the health of your feet, posture or joints - do not buy ready-made orthopedic insoles. Instead, we recommend you go to an orthopedic surgeon who will suit them to your needs. Orthopedic insoles require checking which places on the foot are too overloaded and which are underloaded, and sometimes it is even necessary to take an X-ray of the foot. Only then can you be calm about the effectiveness of this solution. Keep in mind, however, that this type of insole is quite thick, which means that it doesn't suit every type of footwear. It will be difficult to put them on moccasins, ballerinas, high heels, espadrilles or narrow pumps, but they will be perfect for sneakers, sports shoes, boots, boots or shoes.
  • Insoles are especially useful in the autumn and winter season. They will provide additional thermal insulation against cold and moisture - soaked or frozen feet can result in colds and many other illnesses. Properly fitted insoles should be made of good quality materials, we recommend felt, lambskin, terry cork or aluminum foil, for example. These types of liners provide protection against moisture and excellent thermal insulation at moderate temperatures. However, if severe frosts come, then choose thicker insoles - e.g. thick wool, velor or fleece.
  • Do you focus on activity? Then you should be interested in running insoles. Sometimes even properly selected footwear - for example, having the upper fit to the foot, light, airy and with good cushioning may be insufficient. While running, the entire body weight rests on the feet, which is why comfort and safety are extremely important. Running insoles will be a practical addition to the footwear. We recommend choosing leather or gel ones especially for runners. The products they offer also offer a number of additional properties - e.g. protection against bacteria and fungi that expressly grow in a humid environment.
  • Fragrance liners - in the spring and summer season, a common problem is the unpleasant smell inside shoes. Poor ventilation of shoes, low-quality materials used for their production or simply sweating of the feet due to high heat promote footwear moisture, and thus the development of bacteria and fungi. These can generate an unpleasant smell, which is why aroma pads come in handy. This product is to provide feet with a suitable hygiene environment and absorb moisture, but also to neutralize the odor.
  • Gel inserts are another proposal. Their biggest advantage is transparency, thanks to which you can use them freely even in the case of open footwear - e.g. heels with open heel or sandals. Available gel insoles take different shapes, so you can easily adapt them to your foot and your footwear. To clean them, just wipe them with a damp cloth or use soapy water. You can also replace them with new ones or transfer them to another pair of shoes at any time. In specialized stores you will also find orthopedic gel inserts, ideal for correcting various types of foot defects.

As you can see, there is always a way for comfortable footwear. We hope that our tips will help you deal with the problem and now you know how to choose the right insoles. However, if these do not pass the exam or you are looking for a new footwear model, we recommend that you check out the offer of the butymodne.pl online store!