The best women's shoes for the holidays

In the previous post I gave suggestions for men for the upcoming occasions, but women usually have more options to choose from. Christmas Eve is fast approaching, and before you look back the first star will light up. Are you looking for something more elegant but also useful for the rest of the year? If so, here you will find something interesting.

Simple oxfords

This footwear is not reserved only for men. In the varnished version they should draw your attention, because they are less boyish. They look better with trousers than with skirts, but no one will forbid you to do this combination. Of course, there is even more everyday in brown

Low-heeled shoes

Pumps are an extremely neutral option that cannot be chosen incorrectly. Attention should be paid to the variant with a sharp tip, although the circular version will also be suitable for this circumstance. You can easily find them in any color, so you will have room for maneuver when choosing. In addition, the heels will emphasize your strengths, which will make you feel more feminine.

Comfortable ballerinas

Perfect for women who prefer flat footwear. You'll like their flexibility. It's definitely worth considering that they take up little space, so you can easily take them with you for a change. Assuming that you go far for a family dinner and you do not have too much space in your luggage, you will definitely be interested in this aspect.

Universal loafers

If you care about a casual look, then moccasins are the best option for you. They perfectly match pants and dresses. Then you can easily put them on to work, as many women do. You will be delighted with their lightness and ease of wearing.


As you can see, you have a lot of options for the next Christmas. It is not worth waiting for the last moment with this decision. That is why it is worth analyzing the possibilities not to shop straight before Christmas.