Stylish office shoes for him

Men working in offices are most often obliged to dress code. A suit or elegant pants and shirt require appropriate footwear. We have prepared for you a collection of information on how to choose comfortable and fashionable items. We present stylish office shoes for him!

What to consider when buying shoes for office work for a man?

Office work does not require specialized protective footwear. So gentlemen do not have to worry about buying good-quality footwear that will protect their feet from possible risks at work. However, the selection of shoes for office work for men should also be thought out. You will spend at least a few hours a day at work, so it is not possible for your shoes to rub, oppress or hurt you. They should be extremely comfortable, light and breathable. Thanks to this you will ensure your feet comfort.

It is also important that the shoes present themselves properly. When your dress code is in force in your company or you serve clients, meet contractors or play the role of an image (e.g. sales representative), you need to ensure an appropriately elegant type of shoes. You should definitely not wear sandals or espadrilles. Instead, you can choose leather shoes, stylish Jodhpur boots or fashionable loafers. Sometimes sneakers are also acceptable - these break the elegant style and refresh the look, but you have to decide whether it falls out yourself.

The most fashionable office work shoes for him

Office shoes for him should not only emphasize your style, but also take care of comfort and professional appearance. Long hours spent behind the desk will flow much faster if you spend them in light and airy shoes, without having to count down to change them on your slippers. So bet on models made with attention to details from reputable manufacturers. Ideally, these should be made of genuine leather and have a well-profiled sole. A multitude of designs, styles and rich colors mean that you can choose men's office shoes without too much difficulty. Here are three types that best suit this occasion!

  • Men's shoes - this is a classic that must be found in every men's wardrobe. They will not only work as footwear for work, but also on many other occasions - e.g. for a party, conference, industry dinner, date or wedding. Models in subdued colors will look great on suits or elegant pants and shirts. Do not be afraid, however, that this type of office shoes for men is boring! Of course, you can choose a standard, such as low leather shoes Pilpol 1609 black or Nikopol 1712 brown men's slippers, but also a bit crazy. Currently, very popular are those in the sports version, such as Badura 3716 brown men's shoes or slippers - e.g. black elegant loafers 6-317. If you don't need a dress code at work and you can wear any type of footwear, e.g. for jeans, we recommend comfortable variants in casual versions, e.g. breathable, Badura 3523 lightweight sports shoes.
  • Jodhpur boots - this is an excellent autumn-winter variant. It works both on the way to work and in the office - provided that you choose a good quality, lightweight model. Undoubtedly, Jodhpur boots will be a hit, if you combine office work with outdoor work (e.g. you go to clients, contractors). Models that should get your attention are classic Black Jodhpur boots Riko 863 blackthat look good to the suit, knotted and extremely fashionable winter boots Jodhpur badura brown. If you prefer a higher upper, they will work e.g. Black Jodhpur boots Badura 4797 black. More sporty variants, ideal for jeans or trousers, are even a model from the brand McKey suede men's knotted shoes.
  • Moccasins - this type of office shoes is perfect for the spring and summer season, but it can also be used as a variable footwear in the company. If Jodhpur boots are too heavy and warm for you, then it is worth deciding to change your shoes for lighter ones. Moccasins that work perfectly with elegant and casual clothing will work. For a suit we recommend Men's loafers Badura 3151 black, on the other hand, when you choose fabric pants and a shirt or sweater, you can choose a less official model, e.g. tied loafers Riko 684.

As you can see, there are many models of men's office shoes available. When buying, follow our tips and be sure to explore the offer of the online store There you will find a variant tailored to your needs. Successful shopping!