Slippery feet, abrasions, corns - how to choose shoes not to suffer?

For aesthetic reasons and fashion, you can often expose your feet to uncomfortable footwear, such as too high heels or shoes in an unmatched size. Uncomfortable and unhealthy shoes can lead to painful abrasions, corns and even halluxes. For this reason, it is worth remembering that taking care of your feet is an investment in your health. Check how to choose shoes so you don't suffer.

How to choose shoes for adults?

Contrary to appearances, choosing the right model of shoes, even for an adult, is not so easy. You've probably suffered more than once from badly selected shoes, prints, abrasions, foot, calf or back pain. Fortunately, this can be remedied. When choosing shoes, pay attention to the following guidelines:

  • Size

A well-chosen size is extremely important. Footwear should not be too big or too small. If the size is too large, the foot will move and the shoe may rub it. In addition, wearing such shoes results in unpleasant pain in the feet and calves. Too small shoes can deform the foot. A person who wears such shoes puts a foot on its outer edge or on the heel, which can cause pain and even cause flat feet. In well-fitting shoes, the gap between the toe and toes should be about 5 mm.

  • The right shape

When choosing shoes, it is best that the toe of the shoe matches the shape of your foot. He should not oppress or distort it. This can lead to degenerative changes in joints and fingers, as well as halluxes.

  • Right height

Women's legs in high heels look beautiful. However, if you sometimes want to give your legs a rest, but look equally stylish, you can choose comfortable pumps, e.g. model Seastar brown pumps on a flat heel or e.g. black slippers on wedges uncovered S22.

  • A good sole

Sole is also important in the footwear, thanks to which the feet can rest and do not hurt you while walking. The sole should be shaped so as to provide adequate support for the foot. The most important thing is in sports shoes, because its task is shock absorption. An example of such shoes are e.g. Nike Viale M AA2181-003 running shoes or Asics Gel-FujiTrabuco 7 M G-TX M 1011A209-600 running shoes. Their properly profiled soles provide comfort and stability while walking and at the same time protect the feet against injuries.

  • High quality

Also remember to choose good quality shoes. Footwear sewn from the cheapest materials will not be able to pass enough air, which means that your feet will not breathe and will sweat excessively. We recommend e.g. brown wedge pumps Edeo 2354, made with the greatest care of natural leather.

  • Lightness of footwear

When buying shoes, pay attention to their weight. It is best that they are as light as possible. This will undoubtedly affect the degree of fatigue in your feet after a full day of walking. Heavy footwear makes the legs get tired more and may swell or hurt at the end of the day. We recommend e.g. Asics Gel-Venture 7 Gs Jr 1014A072-020 running shoes  with a light and breathable upper.

How to choose comfortable baby shoes?

You must be especially careful when choosing shoes for your child. Our kids' delicate feet are still developing, which is why they are extremely vulnerable to deformations and various types of abrasions. Remember that the condition of your child's foot has a significant impact on his entire movement system. What to consider when choosing shoes for the youngest? Primarily:

  • Size

Baby shoes must not be too big or too small. Too large will not provide support for the feet, and too small will cause pain in the legs and knees, abrasions, foot deformities, flat feet. The distance between the toes and the toe should be 5 to 6 mm, and the toe must not restrain the toes. Shoes should be stable, but at the same time can not compress and block the foot.

  • Form

Baby shoes should have rounded toes to allow the toes freedom of movement. For example, shoes will be a good choice American Club brown Winter boots boots boots zipper American 1904.

  • stuff

The sole and its profile as well as material of manufacture are also important. Ideally, all shoes should be made of good quality, soft materials, natural leather or cotton, such as Bartek navy blue Casual boys shoes 55599 navy blue made of natural leather, which allows a perfect fit to the foot without the risk of abrasions.

  • Lacing and upper

Children's shoes can be laced or Velcro, which is easier to put on and take off. For young children who have recently learned to walk, the shoes must have a high uppers to provide adequate ankle stabilization, e.g. boys' shoes Ren Boot 1423 gray whether Velcro shoes Bartek 11703 for girls.

To sum up, choosing well-fitting shoes is not an easy task, during which it is worth considering a number of factors. When choosing the right footwear, pay attention to the good size, material from which they are made, the sole or the shape. Remember that well-chosen footwear is extremely important not only for the well-being of your feet, but also for the spine. Therefore, treat the purchase of shoes not only as pleasure, but also as an investment in health. Check out the shoe models available at and choose the variant that's right for you. We enjoy your shopping!