Slippers footballer Befado 110p300 grey

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Befado slippers model 110P300 is the perfect solution for the delicate feet of our beloved baby.

Regardless of whether it is for school or kindergarten, these shoes will take care of the feet, because as children's slippers they meet all the requirements for this type of footwear. Fastening with a clasp will allow the child to put on the shoe on his own, and at the same time prevent the shoe from falling off while walking or running. A stiff heel counter, a cotton profiled insole and a flexible non-slip sole will ensure the safety of the feet, without the risk of injury.

Befado children's slippers are not only safety and comfort - the patterns of a footballer with a ball on a gray background will appeal to every little boy, and probably also some girls. The shoes are designed so that the toddler feels comfortable in them.

Provide your child with the best by buying him home slippers with the "Healthy Foot" certificate offered by the Polish company Befado. Take care of the safety of your child's feet today.

  • sex: The boys
  • Clasp type: Clasps
  • Additional information: Rigid heel counter Profiled insert Healthy Foot sign
  • Character: lack
  • Material: Fabric
  • Color: Gray

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