Should you take at least two pairs of shoes with you during the summer?

Today's long title will be a bit warm, although mid-August will soon pass. However, the warm air and the still-lasting holiday time encourage writing holiday entries and that's what we do today.

The question asked in the title certainly is not the easiest one, especially if we are going, for example, at the weekend. We have a small baggage with us, which does not allow us to add to them unnecessary pair of shoes at first glance. But are you sure? Will sometimes we need an extra pair of shoes?

Holidays are also variable weather

In fact - especially if the heat wave in central Poland shows us that it is not omnipresent, and in the mountains will be ten degrees less. At this temperature, it will be difficult to walk on green paths, for example in the mountains, because we are just cold. It will not be the case if we additionally and wisely pack apart from sandals decent sports shoeseven if we do not want to climb the mountain path. The temperature and the weather itself in the mountains can be tricky. For a moment we can feel nice, then suddenly, literally out of nowhere, rain will fall on us.

Another situation, but very similar, happens to people who believe too much in the forecast, issued across the country. Recently we have the impression that the more we watch them, the more they are mistaken. It may turn out that at some point in the mountains, beautiful weather will appear. And you assumed that no, it will definitely rain, you do not come along mountain trails. After which, after arriving in the place, the weather is so beautiful that you do not know whether to run straight to the first store and not buy shoes. An unusual vision? For some couples and families very real!

Shoes for every trip

During holidays, plans change frequently - some attraction can be closed, closed. There may be random situations that simply can not be predicted. In this case, we can only save ourselves by changing our plans. However, not everyone likes to do it. We will write even more! Not everyone is prepared for it. Lack of proper footwear can make it much harder for us. If we do not have flip-flops for the pooland this remains our only option, we should stock it. You can buy them and take with you also because of bathing in hotel showers.

In addition, a pair of shoes can be a challenge when packing, but we should always take outdoor shoes and covered shoes for vacation, such as flip-flops and sports shoes. Without them, it will be hard for us, and it is not about vacation, to run to the store and spend money on a pair of shoes that you have at home. The second pair of shoes will also save us from the compulsion to sit in a hotel room, especially when the weather deteriorates significantly. And if you have little time to buy shoes for a trip - Take advantage of!