Shoes for women active every day - two suggestions

Many women lead a very active lifestyle, usually not paying attention to comfortable clothing. What matters in their lives is speed and beautiful appearance. Few women realize that being for ten or twelve hours on the move, they need a comfortable pair of footwear, matching either a company outfit or a loose outfit - because no dress code is required at work. All of us should be able to choose such shoes. That is why we have two interesting suggestions for you. Universal!

Trappers - reliable and insulated

Trappers are reliable shoes, very warm if the model is insulated by an additional fur. Trappers as footwear are increasingly meeting the expectations of both young girls and older women. For younger producers, they are preparing trapper shoes associated with iron-on transfers, jets or other accessories, e.g. beautiful laces.


For mature women, hiking boots are classic, slightly elevated, usually smooth. Thanks to this, they can be selected for various types of outfits, both casual dresses and jeans or straight pants. The trappers are perfect when dealing with winter in the city. They can easily be chosen for a date outfit. You can also take them to work - if not for eight hours at the office, then at least for a longer home-workplace.

Elegant footwear with flat heels

However, if the shoes do not fit our style, we still have to choose elegant shoes with flat heels. These are different types of boots, boots and other footwear that allows longer walks without feeling the consequences of walking in high heels. A small heel does not bother even during many hours of walks around the gallery or when visiting a park or museum. These types of shoes will better fit into the workplace dress code, and will be a great solution for skirts or simple, suit trousers.


We encourage you to have more than one pair in your wardrobe. A few extra shoes will let you go crazy with more styling. And you will not worry that you have nothing to wear two hours before an important meeting.