Shoes for the winter - what to choose not to get cold?

Beautiful Polish autumn is slowly ending. In the blink of an eye, November also disappears, not to mention September and October. As this rainy season was very forgiving and provided us with a lot of sunny weather, we hope that winter will not give in the snow and in the end we will have a white Christmas.

And when it happens, it's worth thinking about the right clothes in November. If the jacket should not cause us a problem, shoes can already. How to deal with this problem? How to survive the first attack of snowflakes?

Shoes for women - for school and work

Think about what you already have and what you need. Make a clean-up in the closet - Christmas cleaning must finally serve something. Take care of your feet. In addition to physical care, or cosmetic procedures, treat yourself to appropriate footwear, warm and dry, waterproof. High quality materials, easy to clean, will make sure that the pair of shoes survive for more than one season. Choose shoes with fur. They do their job much better than unlined shoes. If we are surprised by a lot of snow this year, then the snow boots will work best in this role. If not - it is worth choosing boots or elegant tied shoes, not only high heels that will suit any business style. We can also choose the officers, high, almost under the knee, made of leather. Do not forget about the boots, even the knee, which will literally make your day. In this respect, the fashion for the fall / winter season 2018/19 allows us to go wild.

Men's shoes - elegance for the winter

We do not forget about men! Men also have the opportunity to show off. Men's snow boots will prove themselves during the hunt for Christmas presents and for the Christmas tree, for which you will slowly have to look around in two weeks. Leather shoes are the highlight of the year, especially the elegant ones. They will fit men's, fluffy coats and short jackets. Gentlemen can also choose different types of trappers, which are just as fashionable as female officers. Higher upper heel of the shoe will provide waterproofness. No snow gets into the sock.