Shoes for the carnival - the best proposals 2019

The New Year's Eve is behind us, and the carnival is ahead of us. That is the period of the year in which you simply have to play, regardless of everything. But for that to happen, besides a great event, you should also find a beautiful, unique stylization in which you will feel like a star. How to do it? Personally, we advise you to start with ... shoes! This is not quite a traditional approach, but it is up to the shoes to decide how good you will be at the carnival party.

Flat, but comfortable

Flat shoes fit despite appearances to many styles. In addition, flat does not mean completely without increasing. Such shoes can have two- or three-inch heels, making cheap a pleasure. Many carnival parties are associated with different dress code, sometimes they are dressing up. In this case, it is best to use low heels or beautiful ballet shoes. Remember that convenience is the most important thing, especially if you want to have fun. Ballerinas will fit trousers and short skirts.

High but sexy

High boots, such as high heels , are the perfect choice if you are going to a carnival party in a beautiful, elegant dress. Fortunately, in recent times, high heels are not fashionable, and those are slightly lower, which lengthen the legs and emphasize beautiful, feminine calves. Put on such footwear for a pop-up dress, and you'll knock out everyone in the room. Also remember about colors. Although black stilettos are classic, it is worth reviving the time of the carnival with new, more beautiful colors. Maybe red, white or blue will be just right?

Match the shoes to the outfit and ... yourself!

There are many different pairs of shoes on the market that are suitable for dresses. We recommend you to look at our department with pumps, as well as with low shoes. Perhaps you will find for yourself this most interesting and the most-fitting pair. And if this happens, let us know that you are having a great time during the extremely long carnival this year!