Mukluki - what are these funny shoes for the winter?

Mukluki is a tradition that is unknown to us Poles but is known to other nations. Mukluki were traditionally made of animal skins - reindeer or seal, but today in the 21st century, similar products are not sold. It does not change the fact that the name still functions. Means winter boots, sewn from various materials. They are not typical snow boots and boots. Mukluki have something in them! It is worth using and enchanting the last days of 2018!

What exactly are these winter shoes?

These shoes are very comfortable, recently fashionable and simply desirable by women who like to feel really winter. The most common shoes are fur lined inside. They are not too hard, they do not have a hard sole. Thanks to that, we feel literally like home slippers in them. This is a great feeling, especially since in a few days holidays. And what if we feel a true, festive atmosphere in them? Just slide them on your feet and you can move on to conquer your families during the Christmas Eve evening. At the end of this day, we want to feel just relaxed. However, we immediately reserve that they are not strictly elegant shoes. More versatile, but it all depends on the whole stylization and it is worth to stick to.

Where did the mukluki come to us from?

From a foreign language, they mean hairy shoes. And this is their biggest hallmark! They come from the costumes of peoples from the North. Every few seasons, designers pay attention to them again. They fit different styles, not necessarily fashionable this season - that is, ethnic and boho style. It is known, however, that sometimes it is good to go with stylizations and choose shoes available in our store in various colors, such as pink or gray. In our store, we offer footwear with the addition of fur longer or shorter, so that every lady could choose something for herself.