Martensy, the most comfortable footwear for fall and winter

With the increase in interest in the fashion of the 90s of the last century, martens have gained popularity. Despite the fact that they were designed shortly after World War II in Germany, they actually never went out of fashion. You may associate them most with punk and grung, but they are not shoes only for teenagers. In this article you will find information about them and several styling suggestions.

Comfortable, not only for the winter

It is worth noting that martens do not require divergence. If you like military boots and are afraid of chafing, then they are definitely a safer option. In contrast to the glans, which always wipe at the beginning, which makes it painful to wear them in the first few weeks. 

Martensa can be worn practically all year round, although it doesn't work well in hot weather. This type of footwear can be worn for years, and there is no trace of use. Some models can be expensive, but they are worth buying, because it is an investment for many seasons.

Punk, rock and other subcultures

Martensy footwear is extremely popular at music festivals. Their hard toes give some protection, and they are simply practical. You definitely associate them with leather jackets, jeans and a mass of studs or safety pins. These are typical styles, but there are many more options. 

The shoes look great in combination with colorful pants, in particular dark green or burgundy. They also don't get worse with an oversized sweatshirt, loose coat and fluffy jacket. This is the advantage of these shoes because they are good for virtually anything.

Not just for boys

There are other options for girls who have more girlish styles, Martens are available in every possible color, and the number of designs is unlimited. You will definitely find a model that will surprise you. Shoes look best with dresses and skirts above the knee. However, in contrast, they can be selected for more ethereal creations. An interesting addition to this styling are thicker tights or fishnet stockings.


Martensy are one of the most comfortable shoes that you can buy for the colder period. They are very easy to clean and their durability will surprise you. It's a great choice for people who live in a hurry who attach great importance to practicality.