Little black and what next ...?

Holy Easter is already at your belt. Family gatherings, generously set tables, śmingus dyngus and earlier "egg" at work. Sometimes a jealous colleague or a cousin appears to be jealous. What to do to look beautiful and festive?

Many of us will pull out of the cabinets reliable small black or, more spring, small beige. And then the dance will start
with jewelery, scarves, scarfs and disgusting that it does not fit and this is old. And what if nothing really matches and all possible combinations have already proven themselves in the battle and we do not want to copy them? Then let's wail with your shoes! With the help of well-chosen shoes you can completely change any stylization! And it's so easy!

Let's start with a small black, navy blue or beige. You can choose classic nude pins or go crazy
and show that trends are not alien to us. (If you choose these shoes, remember that the foot must look beautiful and fresh. We say resolute, not cracked skin!)


Such shoes, unfortunately, are not conducive to spring walks but you can always replace them with something more comfortable
and modern. Sneakers without laces: this trend is promoted by Stella McCartney. What can you wear them for? Necessarily for the dress but also for elegant pants in a kancik and pencil skirt. In the summer they will look fantastic with the boyfriends!

If it is too extreme for you, you can always bet on the color, while limiting the intensity of the form.

Or color, convenience and delicacy.


However, to tell the truth, I would like to wish all of us that the weather in the holiday would spoil us so much that we could put on white sneakers and summer dresses, but unfortunately it does not seem to be happening ... However, do not forget about trends and bet on the most fashionable of this season - BOOTS !

Ps. Do not forget that any stylization can spoil the beveled heel or dirty tips, so remember to clean and take care of shoes before the big exit!