Kindergarten slippers - five tips for choosing footwear for a young foot

Choosing the right footwear for a preschooler is a real challenge! The child's foot is growing, so it should not be deformed by improperly chosen shoes, but what does it really mean? About today on our blog.


Let's start with the fact that children's shoes should be slightly longer than the toddler's foot. Thinking a bit - we mean a maximum centimeter! The child's foot is growing, but let's not buy shoes that are much too big, because the toddler's foot will move in it - and thus very close to injuries.

It is best to check if the size of the shoe is appropriate by putting the shoe on the foot - the toddler should stand in the shoe. The big toe should not touch the end of the shoe - if it does, it means the shoe is too big. The right size is the easiest to check in shoes with exposed toes. However, it is worth remembering that the sizes of different companies may differ from each other.

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One of the most important things that guide us when choosing shoes for a toddler is the sole. It should be flexible so as not to interfere with the natural movement of the foot. It is worth checking if the sole is covered with a non-slip layer, thanks to which the child will be able to quietly slip on flat and relatively slippery surfaces. One of the materials used for orthoses is thermo-rubber. This soft material provides good grip, but also great flexibility. You can find it at the manufacturers of leading brands - we recommend checking, for example, Befado children's shoes.

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Preschoolers are already largely independent, however, it is definitely worth the clasp to be simple, e.g. Velcro or latch. This clasp is strong, and at the same time the child will be able to try to put on and fasten the shoes. Appropriate fastening can be found, among others, in the slippers Befado and Ren But.

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Breathable material

All elements of the slippers, namely the sole, insole and upper, should be made of airy material. Toddler in slippers will spend almost all day, so it is worth investing in decent material additionally enriched with antibacterial and antifungal properties. When buying slippers, pay attention primarily to the sole. Befado slippers have a sole made of thermo-rubber and are not only profiled and fitted to the child's feet, but also breathable.

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Toe of the shoe

The foot of the toddler is very plastic and thus, susceptible to any deformation. Too tight the tip of the slippers can cause, for example, ingrown nails or abrasions and blisters. When choosing a shoe, make sure that its toe is wide and high. Thanks to this, the child's foot will not be compressed and we will avoid possible injuries.

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