How to care for leather, elegant shoes?

Leather shoes are footwear that we should have in our closet, at least for summer or winter. Such shoes are not only extremely durable but also look beautiful. They are suitable for a wedding or Christmas Eve. Everything depends on the circumstances. And if their purchase is simple and pleasant, taking care of these shoes requires a lot of patience and regularity from us. Only in this way will we be able to enjoy their quality and aesthetics for longer.

What should you pay attention to when it comes to this type of footwear? First of all, let's not ignore the seller who offers us a product for the skin, available immediately. These types of products are not an additional strain on customers, but the possibility of extending the life of newly bought pair of shoes. How does it work and if the tips include our products? We can answer this question in the affirmative!

Proper impregnation

Impregnation is the first step towards using our shoes. Thanks to it, we can enjoy the quality of footwear. The impregnation should be used even before the first fitting of shoes after purchase, preferably a few hours before going out. There are really many specifics on the Polish and foreign markets, so there is a lot to choose from. It is worth remembering to choose the right impregnation for a pair of shoes, so as not to damage the color and the top layer. In addition, many new users of leather footwear commits one very significant mistake. It is a one-time spraying of footwear with impregnation, while in fact we should apply a few layers of the specific, until it will not be absorbed into the material. Only in this way the secured shoes are really protected from dirt and moisture.

Preparation of shoes for winter and summer

Summer, although usually hot, can surprise us with quick storms that just come out of nowhere. That is why it is worth remembering to protect shoes before and after such a critical situation. Newspapers that absorb moisture will work best for this type of help. Many people put wet leather shoes on the radiator. It's a mistake - skin it may harden too, and shoes may not be re-inserted. In addition, if we store warmer shoes for wardrobes and use leather more often, leather footwear should be stuffed with a special object that will keep the same shape. Similarly, we should deal with every shoe, especially if we hide them in a shoe basket. It is also worth while considering dressing whether it is sometimes not better to use a shoehorn. By using it, we will be able to keep the back of the shoes in very good condition for many years.