How many pairs of shoes should we have in our closet?

Today's topic of our next text is the question about the number of shoes. Women have the best answer - I still have too little. Gentlemen do not need so much footwear, but sometimes it's worth splurging and wondering if some shoes do not lack us sometimes? And it certainly is!


We should have shoes not only for everyday walking, at least two pairs, but also shoes for special events or celebrations. In the women's wardrobe, heels or low-heeled shoes will be obligatory, highlighting the dress. And for men, lacquered, elegant shoes are the basis without which you can not move!


Shoes for everyday occasions

This is something that is an obligatory point. The shoes we need are depending on the season. In the spring we need slightly lighter but waterproof shoes. In the spring, as you know, unexpected rainfall appears. In the summer, we most need sandals and shoes that are easily put on the feet. One pair is definitely not enough! And it's not just that we need shoes for different outlets. Summer season fosters madness on games! This is also the perfect time to buy your dream heels. Just in June, July and August you can find beautiful models that are worth every money! We have to protect ourselves better in autumn - and choose colorful, durable wellington boots every year. Winter, it is known. Snow boots will be the best option, as well as winter trappers with special fur.


Footwear for the ceremonial exit

Here the matter gets complicated. Women should have in their closet just the above-mentioned high heels or other shoes that will work in the style of, for example, a dress. You will also need nice flat heels, matching loose styles. Gentlemen, they should stock up on moccasins, preferably in two colors. Universal - black - and also in dark brown, for example to the autumn coat. Also useful are sneakers and irreplaceable sneakers, even for going out to the city or the gym.


The number of shoes, as you can see, can be quite large, depending on your preferences. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with it - it is worth having more pairs of shoes, then, two days after the wedding of a friend, do not look for the right pair for your stylization. Why worry about this topic if our wardrobe will have the right solution?