Glany - a youth look in a woman's edition?

Guanys are associated primarily with youth movements, not entirely feminine - on the contrary. However, boots, as shoes for fall, can perfectly work as a replacement for boots and boots, for which it is still too warm. Currently, we can see a lot interesting pairs of these shoesthat will draw the attention of every woman. Why?

Thinking about "glany", we can see a vision of black, quite big shoes that end up behind the ankle, and even higher, here under the knee. Meanwhile, these feminine versions, promoted in the autumn season of 2018, are able to conquer the heart ... with color, print, and even a patch.


Cans - not just black, not just white

The feminine version of carbonates, or built-up laced boots, is more like mountain trappers than heavy military footwear. Meanwhile, the carbonate will perform better during a walk on Krupówki than during a march to the tops of Polish mountains. Colorful shoes are a hit of the current season. You can choose not only black, white or red footwear, but also pink or black with prints various interesting pictures. In addition, these shoes are not only colorful. They often have different applications that make a woman stand out from the crowd. These applications are really diverse. They can be patches with hearts, skulls, ships, as well as specially pleated, additional skin that attracts everyone's eyes.

What to wear carbon?

We're starting to wear coats and jackets. Glany in this feminine edition fit not only for different types of down jackets, but also longer, one-color coats. Brass footwear emphasizes femininity, giving it a somewhat needed claw. To make this claw more visible, you can invest in a warm cotton skirt - with the glas will become a great symbol of female self-confidence. This is a good choice for women who appreciate feminine parts of the outfit, and at the same time do not want to dress only in romantic stylizations. It's also worth splurging with clothing, especially when going out to the city - an elegant suit with carbon in an interesting color will work better than sophisticated high heels.