Fashionable and practical footwear for summer swimming 2019

Access to foreign trips means that even for us Poles, the summer can last a whole year. Although the official season will start only at the beginning of June, many vacationers choose to vacation April or May. Remember to take practical swimming shoes for the trip. If we want to ask for chic in the area of ​​the hotel, let's choose one of the fashionable models for this year's holidays.

What is footwear for swimming?

Swimming shoes they are also referred to as specialist footwear for water. We put them in order to protect the foot against stones and garbage that may lie on the edge of the water reservoir - the sea, lake or river.

Why is it worth to take footwear for a vacation?

Swimming shoes should be in our suitcase whenever we go over the water reservoir and abroad. Considering the amount of garbage that falls into water bodies, footwear for water will protect our feet against glass or sharp pieces of plastic. We can put them on both a walk by the sea and bathing. It's a must have on a stony beach to protect your feet from sharp and slippery rocks that often grow over algae. Let's choose them if we are going to a gravelly coast - sharp pebbles will not be stuck in the bottoms of our feet when entering the water. In the warmer seas, for example, the Adriatic, over which lies Croatia, the sea urchins live in the waters. Swimming shoes will protect your feet from them and allow us to avoid an unpleasant meeting that could have very unpleasant consequences.

Types of footwear for swimming

We can choose different types of swimming shoes. The most popular and the cheapest models are made of rubber, which very well adjust to the shape of the foot and effectively protect against abrasions. Their biggest disadvantage is poor permeability, and the assumption during the heat can cause great discomfort. Similar feelings will accompany us when we put on water shoes made of plastic. What's more, such footwear can painfully rub off the sweaty and swollen feet from the heat. The best - the most comfortable and durable - water shoes are models made of foam (neoprene). They are flexible, fit well to the shape of the foot. We can choose from models without soles, which are called socks and intended for diving and shoes for swimming with soles. It is worth choosing a model with a solid protection that will protect the foot from underneath by injury. High quality footwear for swimming can be found in the online store

Fashionable water shoes

If you managed to choose the right type of footwear, it's time for color and fashion. The neoprene shoes are quite soft, they fit well to the foot, they have a distinctive welt. These are extremely practical footwear that should be worn before entering the water. However, let's not count on the fact that they will become the most beautiful and will fit into our carefully selected bathing suit. How to deal with this? Let's choose a model in an energetic summer color - orange, yellow or pink and let's put it on for a bath. When we get out of the water, rinse the feet thoroughly and present ourselves to the world in stylish flip-flops, which will perfectly match our beautiful pareo and fashionable holiday pedicure. 

Swimming shoes can be aesthetically designed and well reflect the fashionable color of the season. They are irreplaceable during trips - placed on the feet care for our comfort and safety. However, if we want to set up a fashion in a foreign resort, let us assume after leaving the water fashionable flip-flops.