Elegant or warm - what winter shoes should be?

The mercury bar on thermometers dropped below -10C, and the biggest frosts were wrapped with additional scarves. In this weather it is very easy to get a cold, so take care of yourself. It's time to change your favorite autumn shoes for solid, warm winter footwear. Every year, you face a dilemma whether to look elegant and freeze, or choose warm-fitting but unfashionable shoes for the winter? Unnecessarily!

Shoes for the winter: elegant or warm?

It's a myth that winter footwear is either warming up or looking good! Following a few rules, you can walk in nice and warm shoes. First of all, choose a model made of natural leather, full grain leather or nubuck - watch the fashionable pair available on the Butymodne.pl website. Be sure to take care of a new pair of shoes, protect it with a special paste or skin cream or nubuck impregnation. When watching shoes, check whether the ones chosen by you have an additional warming layer inside. If your feet often get cold, the lining should solve the problem. Choose shoes by half a number too big - so you can put them on an extra wool sock or, when it turns out that it is really very cold, put in a special, insulated liner. If you take the time to choose the right pair, winter will not be terrible! What type of shoes is best to have on your shelf?

Boots, boots, or maybe snow boots?

Boots are perfect for a mild winter. These are classic footwear that you can wear for a short coat or sheepskin coat. This year's real hit is the combination of short boots and trousers 7/8 - all this so that the woman could present the world a piece of calf. It may be a solution that is not the best for your health when the temperature drops well below zero. Then it depends on you whether you want to be fashionable or spend a few days in bed. As an alternative we offer fashionable, winter boots with a warm lining, in which you certainly will not be cold. The Swedes say that there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. Guided by this principle, you can easily make snow boots the base of your winter stylizations. Choose a timeless, leather model - search for couples that you can find at Butymodne.pl . Wear them with woolen trousers in a crease or with a woolen soft dress. For this oversized coat, a large scarf and you can be sure that all eyes will be directed at you! In this outfit you will definitely be a great example of urban elegance with a bit of slack. Feel like a Swede and speed through the city in your leather snow boots.

Take care of your footwear!

Shoes look elegant when they are new. Later it is up to you whether they will still look great. Make sure that they are always clean and tidy - regular cleaning is important. You will need a cloth and special brushes. Use good-quality cosmetics for footwear, especially when you have a pair made of genuine leather. You never pasted your shoes? Try it and see that this activity gives a lot of satisfaction. Also remember to regularly exchange flaps to avoid destroying your heels in your winter boots.

Winter shoes can be elegant and warm. Choose the right pair in which you'll look great, even when it's freezing cold outside!