Elegant footwear for change to the office

In winter, when there is snow outside, and the cold is tingling at the feet, we choose shoes that keep the heat. We assume skinned, long boots or sturdy snow boots , unable to stop, the car or snow removal is not ended frost. Suitable footwear perfectly fulfills its function outside. But what to do after coming to a warm office?

Why change shoes after coming to the office?

In office work, the most common dress code applies to us, ie the style of dress. We should take care of the outfit especially when we have contact with customers. This also applies to choosing the right footwear. In the office, even in winter, it is pleasantly warm, which is why insulated shoes will heat our feet too much throughout the day. Overheating is unhealthy and unhygienic. What's more, not every pair of solid, winter shoes looks good in the company of a jacket or a fabric dress. Therefore, it is best to keep an elegant pair in the office for a change. After coming to work, we will be able to quickly remove the snow boots and extra socks, and wear office shoes whose style corresponds to the prevailing rules. The best shoes for us can be found in the Butymodne.pl online store .

What shoes will be the best for the office?

The choice of shoes that fit the office is huge. It is enough to delete sports models, boots and wellies from the list. What is the best way to look then? Classic pumps on a heel or low heels are always a hit. They fit the dress and skirt, and in the set with trousers bring to mind the timeless Parisian stylizations. The model in classic black, red or gray will work best. Remember that the heels look beautiful, but it can be painful for a couple of hours to stand on high heels a day. Perhaps an effective solution will be a shuttle with platform, which makes the weight of the foot decomposes evenly. If it's hard for us to like high heels, let's leave one, unique pair for special occasions, and on a daily basis, let's wear universal and very comfortable ballerinas. We also choose them if we have to walk a lot during work or if we have feet on high heels. Elegant, tied shoes are also a good alternative for pumps - they will look great matching trousers with a straight cut. Wearing them is a clear inspiration for men's fashion. If we have a little more freedom at work and we like to play with style, let's put on a very fashionable loafer at the office. Different types of beautifully made shoes at affordable prices can be found on the Butymodne.pl website - there is a lot to choose from!

Office shoes - what kind of material?

Shoes made of natural or full-grain leather will retain impeccable quality for the longest time. We should remember about their regular cleaning and pasting. Leather is not our fairy tale? Maybe delicate suede or nubuck will go better in our taste? Suede pumps are classic elegance at its best. The purchase of leather shoes is an investment, so if we like to change styles often, it is better to choose ecological leather shoes. In the shop Butymodne.pl we find beautiful ballet shoes or pumps in different colors - there is a lot to choose from!

In Polish climate conditions, changing shoes after coming to the office is quite common practice. Let's do it to avoid overheating and take care of your comfort throughout the day. A beautiful pair of pumps or ballerinas on our feet will make us feel more elegant and well-groomed.