Do we buy too many shoes?

This question is asked not only by ladies, but also by gentlemen. Shoes are the part of the wardrobe that is never too much, especially since the seasons change so quickly. And summer weather is not always beautiful and hot. We have already been greeted by August - a month in which more and more storms and heavy rains occur. Going on the last week of vacation, it is worth considering whether we really have too many shoes in our wardrobe.

Variable weather on vacation

This is one of the reasons why we don't only take sandals or espadrilles in the mountains or the sea. We must protect ourselves in every eventuality - that is, even a torrential thunderstorm. We know this very well for several-year-olds, for whom you also need to prepare at least three pairs: built-in shoes, light sandals, and ... wellies.

Ladies and gentlemen should also be prepared for such an eventuality. Appropriate footwear must not only be practical, but match the chosen styles. After all, women's trappers don't always match summer, flimsy dresses - shoes or shoes called charmingly "ballerinas" would be better.

A large number of shoes is nothing wrong!

We really need them in the end. Footwear is completed by stylizations, especially those with dresses and unusual outfits. Shoes allow us to express emotions, and many people simply pay attention to them! When we ask friends what they pay attention to at the beginning of their relationship, they answer unanimously: to footwear. That is why it is not worth fearing that we have too many shoes and we buy too many pairs.

It is sometimes worth considering whether we do not have enough, considering the changeable, capricious weather. Especially autumn shows that one day we can enjoy the beautiful, golden sun, and at the end, in the evening, get wet at the bus stop, waiting for the bus. That is why it is worth protecting yourself and having more than just three or four pairs in your wardrobe. It will pay off, especially if we buy decent shoes at promotional prices!