Difficult love, or how to buy comfortable heels

Love for high-heeled shoes is sometimes a love without reciprocity. Why are the pins that we love so much

Love for high-heeled shoes is sometimes a love without reciprocity. Why are the pins that we love so uncomfortable? Are there perfect heels? How do you find the high heels you want to spend the rest of your life on, or at least a few seasons? The secret to any successful relationship is ... compromise.

Size does matter!

Contrary to appearances, choosing the right size of high-heeled shoes is not a simple matter at all. Stilettos, especially high ones, to properly adhere to the foot, may be a little tighter than the standard size you wear. Remember, however, that you should say firmly to your heels, corns and tucked up fingers, because your feet should respect each other.

I think each of us remembers a fairy tale about Cinderella losing the shoe at the ball. Times have changed, so if you want to become a party queen you can not afford slipping shoes. A fairy tale about an absent girl who is sewing shoes also teaches us on one more important issue. Cinderella at her dream ball only played until midnight, and the owner of beautiful shoes should certainly dance in them all night.

It often happens that even well-sized pins, break up a little and become too loose. This is most often the case for plastic shoes, although shoes made of natural materials are also subject to this phenomenon, although to a lesser extent. If you can not afford suede or leather booties and feel that the footwear is too big, you can use silicone inserts.

Pumps On High Heel Gianmarko 70/1 beige

The higher, the better?

This rule applies only to your partner, at the side of which you can present yourself in your dream high heels. The principle "the higher the better" works the other way round, in the case of heel heights. Although exorbitantly high boots tempt with a beautiful appearance and enhance the legs of the owner, they are neither comfortable nor healthy for the spine and feet, for which moving on "stilts" is not a natural position. A healthy heel height is 4-5 cm, while a heel of up to 7 cm height is considered a perfect height for the day. Heels above 10 cm are more of an evening choice for women who have already been trained in moving on high heels.

In high shoes, we should feel beautiful, comfortable and comfortable. Certainly the determinant of the stability of the shoe will be the heel set in the middle of the heel. In addition, ladies with dainty feet are recommended slightly lower shoes, because in this case the proportions between the length of the foot and the heel are important. Elegantki with larger feet can afford much higher slippers.

The interior counts

When shopping for footwear and the decision to bind with them for a longer time, you should also pay attention to a few details. Feet like natural materials, therefore the best choice will be footwear with a padding made of organic raw materials - such as soft leather. It is also worth checking if there are any seams in the interior that can rub or irritate the skin while walking.

Love, especially love for high heels, knows no limits. However, we must remember that beautiful, but unstable and uncomfortable shoes are suitable only for the exhibition. The secret to a successful relationship is proximity, which is why happy shoes are shoes that have frequent contact with the foot. Make sure that you do not break your heart or yourself, because you spend half your salary on booties that lie fallow in the closet, or lonely shoes that miss the warmth of your delicate feet.