Christmas shoes - what is the best choice?

Comfortable. This will be confirmed by every woman who had to spend in too-high heels for more than two hours, and standing up. Each pair of shoes can turn out to be great, if we put them together with the whole stylization, dress or elegant trousers. This choice is ours, but it's worth remembering how to choose such outfit before purchasing individual items. Scheduling will help you avoid disappointments - because for who they are, right? Because...

First of all - stylization

At the very beginning, it's worth thinking about stylization, or dress and accessories first. It is also a difficult task, especially since we associate these winter family heat with three colors - red, white and black. Meanwhile, dresses can have different shades. Ba - they do not have to be dresses. It is worth to choose for this year, for example, reliable, material and fashionable checked pants that will fit into a festive shirt. In this stylization, clunky black shoes will be ideal, for example, winter trappers with warm fur (after all, we count on snow this year, right?). But if we're behind skirts and dresses, it's worth considering the lower heels for your comfort. A good solution is also the charming boots, which are a hit this season, especially the leather, to the same knee.

Second - shoes for the holidays

It will be much easier for us to finally match them to the dress and other accessories. Therefore, let us remember this order first. Once we decide on the outfit, the question of shoes will remain, or rather their choice. What is the best to buy for the holidays? Above all, elegant, if we dress a dress. As we mentioned, it can be pumps, but also boots - made of eco leather or suede, which fits into a leather skirt, equally fashionable in the fall / winter season 2018. When it comes to shoes, it is worth choosing a model with ornaments in the form of patches or studs - they will refresh your image and give a predatory look. If you are going to a more "slack holiday" or go to the mountains - styling with such shoes will be just right.

Third - convenience

Last but most important. Remember that your comfort is the most important thing. Holidays sometimes last from a few to a dozen or so hours and in many families combine with a visit to the church at midnight on the occasion of Midnight Mass. That is why comfortable and comfortable footwear, as well as warm, will help you feel good throughout the holidays, regardless of the weather. And that's what Christmas is all about!