Sneakers are one of the favorite models of children's footwear for both children and parents. Children love them for comfort and fancy patterns, and parents - for the versatility and safety they provide.

Comfortable shoes for every occasion

Depending on the color, cut and character, sneakers can be used as an element of a more elegant styling for a child - for trousers with braces and a shirt or other. They can also be a typically sporty element of the outfit. One thing is certain - styling with sneakers will definitely not be trivial.

Unique sneakers in navy blue

Grenade is a universal color, so sneakers in various shades of navy blue can be used as comfortable, fashionable and subdued school shoes. Dark shoes are much easier to keep in order, therefore this color is also suitable for outdoor use, for crazy children's games.

Navy blue sneakers fastened with velcro or laced is a perfect offer for younger and older children. Everyone will find a perfect cut for them.